W/NW Pic-O'-The-Week #44

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  1. Leica M-P 240, 25mm ZM Biogon f/2.8
    B&W conversion via Nik - Pan-X film simulation.
    A tribute to our fire fighters! Another from the capital mall in Phoenix, AZ
  2. Leica M-P 240, 25mm ZM Biogon f/2.8
    Arizona (BB-39) memorial, Phoenix, AZ.
  3. 35mm Summicron. M10. Main Street, Vancouver.
  4. Billblackwellphotography - impressive, the clarity and vibrance. Well done. And Michael_levy|3, your essay on Vancouver just wants me to be there again. My shots are left overs from FP4 done in an M6. 75mm voigtlander (aka cosina) lens. A holiday with my spouse to tasmania. The first id s of the 'chef' at Cradle Mountain'; the second, of the waiter there; the third of what it takes to get an EFTPOS signal on Bruny Island; and the last, a fellow diner at Cradle Mountain. Haven't yet downloaded my digital shots. Still, I enjoy the M6 and the foray into film. It's an intuitive camera. Thanks, Arthur (apiarist1) photo1.jpg photo2.jpg photo3.jpg photo4.jpg
  5. [​IMG] Long day and late nite, just got in. Anyways, Thanks Bill. This is from Portland, Oregon.
  6. Love locks along the Northbank Riverwalk, Jacksonville, FL

    M8, 15mm f/4.5 Super-Wide Heliar ASPH V1

  7. Leica.

    How are you getting along with the Jupiter lens on your Leica 240, Arthur?
  8. Government Store, Havana, Cuba (Leica M3 and 50mm Summicron)

  9. Allen Herbert, didnt take the 50mm jupiter (instead took thr 8 artisans), but took the j9 (85 mm). Used it for a couple of head n shoulder shots. It doesnt infinity focus. And had to use the evf to ensure teasonable focus. Will post some examples when i get to them. Arthur.
  10. And I should add, Allen Herbert, thanks for your query. Well met. And it's 7artisans, not 8. More fool me. Regards, Arthur
  11. Ft. MacArthur, San Pedro, CA. July 2010.
  12. M4, 35mm Nikkor f2.5, Hp5, Xtol/Rodinal.
    [​IMG] by bc50099
  13. [​IMG]
    Regional Veterans Day
    Contax II with 5cm f/1.5 Sonnar and Double-X
  14. Allen Herbert, well herewith a shot using the J9 that I had, and took with me. In hindsight, I should have taken the J8. I had room, but got worried about weight. It's my spouse. Warts and all. I will be trying out again the J8 this weekend. It was taken wide open, using an evf on a monochrom. Regards, Arthur. MONO1416.jpg
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  15. Leica M10, 35/2 Summicron ASPH, Cade's Cove on a foggy morning.

  16. John Oliver cabin. It is usually crowded. The fog adds to the photo.
  17. Allen Herbert, a follow up. Herewith some shots using the jupiter 50mm f2 from this weekend. Barflies to a person. I am growing to like these sonnar designs, and just lashed out and bought another J9 thru ebay. These were all taken around f 2.8, or thereabouts. I really like the lens - it's crappy, glossy aluminium housing. Those russkies knew their optics - even if it was a steal from zeiss. What they loose on micro-contrast, they sure make up for in 'ambience'. Regards, Arthur.
    MONO1452.jpg MONO1453.jpg MONO1454.jpg MONO1463.jpg MONO1464.jpg MONO1450.jpg
  18. Arthur, FWIW, I've noticed in the last couple of months your exposures and sharpness have gotten really good. Especially like the 1st and 3rd shots. Looks like a great cast of characters!

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