W/NW Pic-O'-The-Week #30

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  1. Here we are back in prime time, the time to shine. Share your favorite pic o the week. I'll start with a film shot from a few years ago on a M7 and 35 Cron. Lets' see yours!
  2. A good one, Barry.
  3. Thanks Allen.
  4. Leica-13.jpg
    "Leica Glow" from a Soviet lens and camera rebranded as Leica​
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  5. M4, WATE, Tri-X, D76
    [​IMG] by bc50099
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  6. Leica M-P 240, 35mm Zeiss Distagon f/1.4
    Ft. MacArthur, San Pedro, CA . B&W conversion via Nik - Film simulation = Tri-X
  7. Mexico, Leica M4-P, Voigtlander 35mm F1.4, Kodak Portra 400,
    Heavy rain.

    Rainy Day.jpg

    Rainy Day 2.jpg
  8. I'll endorse Allen's comment, Uhooru. JDW that has that strange swirling bokeh. What was the lens? Is it a summar copy? Good shot - it does 'glow'. But billblackwellphotography, by God, do you take the cake, or what: that third shot is sparkling. So good. Bravo. I've been precluded from photo'ing this week, so some from the last two weeks (though hope to do some photography tonite): all with my 'debt' (though it's reducing) monochrom m. The first from our church's 'investiture' of a new pasta last weekend (with a newly acquired voigtlander - aka cosina - color-skopar 25mm). The other two, I hope that I haven't already posted them (if so, my apologies), from our makebelieve 'Scootish' festival almost a month ago now, with a voigtlander 75mm. The last shows the intolerance of the monochrom to 'out of the range' highlights. Regards, keep those images coming three.jpg

    two.jpg one.jpg
  9. victor_gruber, they are very good shots. Particularly the second. The granularity reminds me of film, which of course, it is (portra). It's atmospheric. Well done. Regards, Arthur (apiarist1)
  10. Fed-2 / Jupiter-8, UFX100, OA & V800 scan. Aloha from the Mainland. Bill 2k18-056-DSCF0032 ces13 gsbc.JPG
  11. ei_20180116_403.jpg
    MP, 35 mm 'lux, Velvia
  12. That's good Stric. Well done. Velvia is such a great film - dense and rich colour. Did you have a filter on the lens? If so, what? What was the lighting? But bravo - it pushes all the right buttons. In a contest with billblackwellphotography's third shot, you'd come very close. Regards, Arthur (apiarist1)
  13. Down yellow brick road...

    R6, Summicron-R 50mm, FP4 in Pyrocat HD
  14. Arthur, there was a UV filter, but it's always on my Summilux lens. It was an overcast day, the shot was done indoors, I think at 1/15 or 1/30 of a second, hand held. Velvia is very tricky if it's incorrectly exposed. I think this image was underexposed in the end but it has a sentimental value for me and I decided to keep it.
  15. It's FrankenLeica Monday ...
    Leica M3 1064131 001.jpg
    Leica M3 Noctilux Pics 002.jpg
    Leica M3 Pics 006.jpg
  16. Stric, thanks for that info. I was alluding to the white balance. It's got a blue cast. But whatever, it is a great shot. I can understand your attachment to it. Rarely does anyone see such intimacy, personal, caught on film. When I do, I just enjoy it. Done well, really well. Thanks for sharing. You are to be envied and congratulated. Regards, Arthur (apiarist1).

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