W/NW Pic-O'-The-Week #24

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  1. L1002845P(B&W).jpg
    Tombstone, AZ
    Leica M-P 240, 50mm ZM Zeiss Distagon T*
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  2. M262, with the 75mm f2 APO Summicron..


    and 135mm f3.4 APO Telyt..

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  3. Correction: Leica M-P 240, 35mm ZM Zeiss Distagon T*
    I used my 50mm Asph Summilux most of the week, so I guess I had "50mm" on the brain!
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  4. From last weekend. Several days of kart racing at The Ridge, in Shelton, Wa. Both pics with a "new" Fed-3 (mid change model). Static shot with the N-61 lens, the mover with a Jupiter-11. UFX100 material, Pyrocat HDC & V800 scans. Enjoy, Bill 2k19-063-012 ces13 bc bm 4x6-vert.jpg
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  5. FF257150-D4DA-4518-B09C-E77CBEE01883.jpeg
    Minolta Himatic 7S Retropan 320
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  6. Downtown Vancouver. 'cron 35mm, M10
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  7. My photos this weekend are from our today's pentecost service - to be quite honest, a quite dismal and poorly attended affair. I have some FP4 from my M6 hanging and drying in the shower, so may have some better photos in a day or two, or three, once scanned. These done with my monochrom, and my go to lens, a 75mm zeiss, aka cosina. All dark and poorly focussed - it's how I am lately. MarcelRomivel, that's a good shot. And Allen Herbert, again, what to say - bravo. pentecost2.jpg pentecost3.jpg pentecost4.jpg
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  8. M4, Wide angle Tri-Elmar, HP5, Xtol-Rodinal
    a2 bokeh porter.jpg garage stairs.jpg light pattern.jpg
  9. "It's not what you look at that matters. It's what you see."

    The Alpha and Omega.
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  10. Thank you Arthur.
    Your photos may be dark, but not too dark for me.
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  11. Another from the last weekend of kart racing. A large number of drivers are really into bikes. . I would take this Ducatti in a flash !! 2k19-061-DSCF5154 ces10 bm.JPG Again, the Fed-3 / N-61, UFX100, Pyrocat HDC & V800 gear. Enjoy, Bill
  12. [​IMG]
    WW1 Weekend, Huis Doorn 2018
    Leica M-E, Leitz 5cm f/1.5 Xenon
  13. BAF5F5A9-76AD-4DAC-B966-D0341CCF6783.jpeg Leica M2 and 50mm M-Planar; Tri-X in D76.

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