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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by nels, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. Shot long ago, but recently processed...feel free to post anything you haven't posted here before.

  2. Fire Witness
    <img src=http://static.flickr.com/61/160145343_67df945488.jpg>
  3. Crab Carrier
    <img src=http://static.flickr.com/53/160139437_d7ba784835.jpg>
  4. http://pages.sbcglobal.net/b-evans/Images17/SFmarch%20%205-1-06/image/
  5. Waikiki Hockey
    <img src=http://static.flickr.com/53/153875922_b38a008dca_o.jpg>
  6. Hello!
    <img src=http://static.flickr.com/63/153875791_23476bec8b_o.jpg>
  7. Skimboarding
    <img src=http://static.flickr.com/44/156433311_543486e838_b.jpg>
  8. ...and of course the parade
    <img src=http://static.flickr.com/45/160155782_1975d47316.jpg>
  9. <img src=http://static.flickr.com/59/160155783_79140ee023.jpg>
  10. EricM

    EricM Planet Eric

    [​IMG] 5063/HC-110 B/F100/105f2.0 so phuken what
  11. Shot last year, but at the moment I happen to be working on filing a year's worth of negatives. I am walking the two terriers and taking the shot.... :)
  12. Really excellent, Ed...
  13. Perhaps we should change the thread title to "Nels Snapshots"?
  14. New stuff
  15. This one's for you, Garrison.

  16. [​IMG]
    Large Format Karaoke Action! 4x5
  17. Ed, that's a really cool shot of the kids in the box. Shown elsewhere, but not here, I think . . .
    hexar rf, 50 hexanon, provia 100F | Matt Alofs www.1pt4.com
  18. it


    the ring
  19. My Weekend with Hassy...
  20. Thanks Brad and Matt for the kind comments... :)
  21. EricM

    EricM Planet Eric

    [​IMG] EPJ@200, +1/2, X-Processed
  22. Eric, both of yours are GREAT. Matt, yours is even better than your usually excellent work - I don't recall you having posted a color picture of her before.
  23. M6, 21mm Kobalux, Provia 400F
  24. Thanks for the kind words Bob. I'm starting to explore color more now that I have better access to quality processing.
  25. Eric, there's something eery about that shot. I'm not sure what to think of it.
  26. EricM

    EricM Planet Eric

    thanks Bob.

    Matt, same with me. I've looked at the series a few times and sits the same with me. I don't know about it either.

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