W/NW 2021 Pic-O'-The-Week #8

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  1. Leica M-P 240 (from the archives)
    35mm Zeiss Distagon ZM

    Leica M10-P

    50mm Asph Summilux-M

    CV 75mm Heliar Classic VM
  2. It's a rangefinder, but 6x7 format
    note the Arilus cristatus on the rail
    Rapid Omega 100
  3. 0010L&R Viniendo Chica Casco Bufanda Abrigo Rojo-Azul-LeicaC.jpg

    0017L&R Novelas Baratas Bolsillo Oeste Policiacas-LeicaC.jpg

    0015L&R Haciendo Café Bar Cafetería Espaldas-LeicaC.jpg

    0025L&R Raro Señora Pelo Teñido Azul-LeicaC.jpg
    the four with Leica C (type 112)​
  4. From a few years ago, W. Washington Street, Indianapolis

    Canon 7, 50mm f/1.4 Canon LTM, P3200TMZ at ISO 6400, HC-110B
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  6. So. a mixed week. These shots, on my monochrom and go to 75mm 'voigtlander' (aka cosina) lens. Went last night to a band reproducing Fleetwood Mac. They did a good job. I asked if I could take non-flash, non-intrusive photos, and was told no, quite emphatically. Yet every fourth patron was taking shots and videos with their mobiles. Ahem, I see the future, and it's ugly. But so be it. I have never ceased to be amazed that life is the strangest thing I have ever seen.

    The band:




    Another patron:


    And the obligatory family shot; people you're well rehearsed with. Though my stepson looks particularly soporific and startled. We have been in minor dramas with his father over medication and his desire to get him off largactil and onto another drug. Been many issues around that. I've canned for the moment, upgrading the monochrom. Look forward to more of your contributions. Regards, Arthur

  7. Zorki-4 / Jupiter-8, EDU 200 @ 125, Pyrocat HDC & V600 scan. Aloha, Bill 2k21-009-013 ces13 bc bm.jpg
  8. Arthur/Luis always good, better than good.

    Alan, gritty.

    Me, just some recent photos of spring tapping at the door.

    Leica x Vario.
  9. ." I asked if I could take non-flash, non-intrusive photos, and was told no, quite emphatically" Arthur

    For me, it is about the freedom of Democracy, to photograph. If you can take a photo with a smart phone, you can take a photo with a camera. Birds of a feather.

    Of course, severe regimes, will lock you up, if you take photos with any device. Usually, they want to hide their brutality, from the world at large..
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  10. You are all very kind. Thanks!!
  11. A few of a good friend I haven't seen in a while. First taken with a Texas Leica the Fuji 690 range finder checked out from a school equipment lab. Other 2 on Leica Ms.


    [​IMG]I'm sure I've shared these all at one time or another.
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  12. God I wish I'd have your hand at the control of contrast and tonal gradation - just magic, capital Magic, Bill Bowes.
  13. That second and third shot, they are great. The third one, the light glows. The second, you've captured something there, barryfisher. Regards, Arthur
  14. I like Bill's first photograph. And thank you Arthur, if its easier, call me Barry :)

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