W/NW 2021 Pic-O'-The-Week #13

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  1. Leica M10-P
    CV 35mm Ultron Classic f/2



    CV 40mm Nokton f/1.2
  2. cows in Madrid?
    005L&R Vaca Partituras Música Puerta Alcalá SummicronDR5.jpg

    018a Vaca Corona Hamlet-SummicronDR5.jpg

    014a Vaca Coqueta-Metrópolis-C.Alcalá SummicronDR5.jpg
    Leica M3. Summicron DR 5 (50 mm). Fuji Superia X 400​
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  3. And that's no bull. ...
  4. Just an early blooming flower from me this week.

    Leica x 113.

  5. Not Giverny,
    Leica M-3, Summicron 5cm f/2, Ektar
  6. Fed-3 / Jupiter-8, UFX 400 @ 125, Pyrocat HDC & V600 scan. Aloha, Bill 2k21-019-005 ces5 bm 4x6.jpg
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  8. That's good. How do you deal with the ektar colour cast?. And you're right: 'not Giverny', but I think Monet would envy that. Regards, Arthur
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  9. So, having trouble with the computer. My shots are prosaic, and I apologise if they have been sent multiple times. Seems not, but 'seeming' can be obscure. Our local Council has funded street performers each Saturday, following the recent floods, the long standing covid catastrophe, as a way to re-vit-a-lise our community (you may remember the dog food that had added 'molkron', what ever that was, to re-vit-a-lise whatever ate it).

    So, if this works: All with my monochrom (I have some film in my M6 - laughable lomography b&w - not quite finished the reel).

    The performer, who did an exemplary job:


    A special patron, a friend of my disabled stepson:


    Other patrons: You may note some people with a disability in the crowd. My stepson could not attend - this week he's with his father. Ahem.


    Keep safe, keep well. Get tested. Regards, Arthur
  10. In honor of Luis's cool photos. Contax G2 35mm

  12. I'm an elderly geezer in his late seventies who likes cameras. Have been isolating for over a year with very little social contact so hope you don't mind me diving into the archives? Lots has been happening the past few days, got first shot of Pfizer, and downloaded Viewscan so I can tackle my film stuff dating back over 60 years. Now to try and figure out all these new bells and whistles. Invested in a hot i9 machine, so hot it's liquid cooled. Was even able to get the last non-subscription versions of Lightroom and Photoshop up and running. Wheeee!

    When I worked in Calgary, would often go camping in the Eastern Rockies outside Banff park. Off the beaten path so could be quite rough.
    At end of work week would load the LandRover with tent, cameras,(usually Linhof 4x5 and the two M4s.), not to mention food and booze. An hours drive brought me to this scenery and it would be time to engage the locking front hubs and snap a photo.

    In the tent photo the bag at the foot of the bed is an old WW2 gas mask bag that cost a couple dollars in a surplus store. On my trips through Asia it was my camera bag. I looked like another hippy with a bag of dirty socks and not a tourist with expensive camera gear. A little paranoia is healthy....

    All these were shot with M4 and 21mm Super Angulon.



  13. Great story down memory lane! Thank you so much for your contributions, Glenn. Very few of us are shooting much these days, so pulling from the archives is almost inevitable. We do miss seeing you here each week, so please to feel free to continue to contribute; we very much appreciate it.

    Warmest regards, Bill
  14. And speaking of Banff National Park, here’s Johnson Lake at sunrise with Mt. Rundle in the background.


    M240, 21/2.8 Elmarit-M (pre-ASPH)

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