W/NW 2021 Pic-O'-The-Week #1

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  1. Welcome and a Happy New Year everyone to Week 1 of 2022, the Leica and Rangefinders W/NW Thread! I'm pretty sure I posted this before recently but I thought I'd still kick off the New Year with a scene from Times Square, New York in 2019.


    Leica M8, 15mm f/4.5 Voigtländer Super-Wide Heliar (v.1 + Adapter)
  2. Hi. I hope your New Year was safe, and good. The world is a strange place the moment. Herewith my contribution. Two further shots from the Christmas Eve dinner we had with rels - taken with a IIIf, Russian reproduction 50cm lens, FP4, and developed in Ilfosol. And a third, of another of my stepson's support workers, taken with a monchrom and my go to 75mm lens.

    The first is of the band that played:


    The second of two love-birds' enjoying the show:


    The third of the support worker (inexpertly down sized:

    Keep safe. Regards, Arthur
  3. allan

    A bit weird and wondaful.: I like it.

    "taken with a IIIf, Russian reproduction 50cm lens, FP4," Arthur.

    I like the different unique special look. Emphasizing, the character,, because character's are not about perfection. They are about what they are.....those old lenses to my mind , add something from time.
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  4. Thank you Allen!

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