W/NW 2021 Pic-O'-The-Week #1

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  1. For this first of 2021 W/NW pic(s) of the week I was inspired to go to the 2003 archives - I don't think I need to say why.

    Your contributions - whoever you are - and whatever "photo box" you choose to use - are always "liked" and appreciated. Please, no comments (W/NW); let the pics do the 'talking'.

    All of this week's contributions were taken with a Leica M6. I don't recall the film(s).
    1. - 35mm Asph Summicron M
    2,3,4. - 21mm Asph Elmarit M
    5. - 90mm Elmarit M

    7403670-R2-013-5P(B&W).jpg 7383670-R4-077-37bw.jpg 7383670-R3-033-15PSbw.jpg 7383670-R2-025-11P(B&W).jpg 7383670-R2-065-31bw.jpg
  2. 0002L&R Niño Sentado Culo Calzada Pelota-SummicronCollapsible5.jpg 1956 Summicron Collapsible M 5 (50 mm) on Fuji X-P1
  3. It's hard not to comment, billblackwellphotography.. I keep thinking of Derrida's 'Declarations of Independence'. As the Disunited Failed State of America falls apart, and appears to be entering its next civil war, I in the colonies watch on in both awe and dismay. So the photos, all done today with my monochrom (I'm doing the sums on the new edition - I'm not sure it's worth it, but I'll keep you posted) and my go to 75mm voigtlander (aka cosina) lens.

    The bartendress

    jan 8-1.jpg

    A patron and their dog (lovely dog, by the way)

    jan 8-2.jpg

    Another patron

    jan 8-3.jpg

    And another patron:

    jan 8-4.jpg

    And a patron who knows their beer:

    jan 8-5.jpg

    Keep safe, regards, Arthur. My eyesight fails me of late, as is obvious in the photos.
  4. Please, no comments (W/NW); let the pics do the 'talking'.

    1.jpg 2.jpg file4804.jpg
  5. Sunrise Surfer. Kiev 4 / Jupiter-11, EDU 200 @ 125, Pyrocat HDC & V600 scan. Aloha, Bill 2k21-dp-2021-01-09 011 ces10 bm bc x.JPG
  6. " My eyesight fails me of late, as is obvious in the photos: Arthur.

    Not so bad.

    You capture the character's in your unique style and that's what it is all about. You should think about putting your photos in a book for posterity.

    Anyway, behave;) (maybe not) or my mate Sandy will smack your bottom and send you to bed early:)
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  7. Olympus 35SP, Fog, San Francisco 2020
    phUntitled (24) copy.jpg
  8. Can't help myself. That shot is so good. Bravo Bill Bowes. What to do with Russian copies. Just look at what you do with them. You probably know the old adage: 'it's not the camera that matters; it's the photographer'. Brilliant. Worthy of framing. Regards.

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