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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by nels, Sep 15, 2006.

  1. Some people are still talking about M8.....

    [​IMG] M9 Hammertone LHSA Edition + 28-35-50-75-90-112mm Hexa-Elmarit IS ASPH + Luigi half-case in Chocolate Alligator
  2. [​IMG] welcome back
  3. Dude![​IMG]</ center>good to see ya!
  4. Very nice Nels
  5. NELS_!

    You compel me to post old son. Very nice work indeed!

    <IMG SRC="http://static.flickr.com/86/244430960_1d06aeb22d_o.jpg">
  6. Good to see you back, Nels. The pics and your sense of humor are both sharp. ;-)
    112MP Canon 1Ds MkIV, 14-24/f2.8 IS Cano/Leica Apo-Aspherical Zoom
  7. Nels--great photos as usual--liked the demolition photo!
  8. Very nice stuff. What films were the B&W shot on? What scanner? Thanks for posting I forgot
    what I boght my cameras for.
  9. A reliable classic mechanical German machine
  10. Thanks, guys. Good to see your pics too.


  11. [​IMG] Oh, lookie lookie..I got a blurrie...
  12. Harvey, Sorry I completely forgot to answer your question. I soup my SD cards in Rodinal.

  13. Ps Leica M6.
  14. Welcome back Nels. We carried the "new stuff" torch a few times for you. It's all yours again. ;-)
  15. Rene, Thanks. I found the thread you started on 09/02 and enjoyed it greatly. I don't claim any sort of ownership to these things. It's simply a fun vehicle to share new pics for us. It's a shame that many people remove pics from their website soon after posting, leaving a "hole" there, but oh well...their call.

    I'll be busy again most of October and won't be around the forum, so needless to say, please feel free to continue as anyone wants. Cheers.
  16. Nice stuff, again. I have to get up to speed with digital post processing and take some control, but I don't really have the chance or opportunity, at the moment, using company gear. All photos in my folders are cheap, by secretary, flatbed scans, meant for documents. My prints look great. I suppose the days after I come off the road, when digi-scanning-processing-gear is "better" (I'm wedded to film for the next few years), I'll be asking for more advice here. The possibilities seem endless, by the look of the photos. For now, I'm restricted to film, because I go to some "dodgy" places, and I don't have the time because of the hectic/long hours working in the field; it takes up valuable drinking time, ;*). Plus, I don't know where I want to "permantely" live, yet.
  17. Photoshop represents a big learning curve, at least for a novice such as myself who does all this in his spare time. The sooner you start, the better. Don't expect miracles in a few weeks/months, or else you're in for a big disappointment. Get a good book (e.g. Deke McClelland's) and/or a good DVD program (also by that Deke dude, e.g. - he's funny) and give yourself plenty of practice. Remember, you don't have to know everything in PS to get good results. And you will rarely ever need to use some fancy schmancy features in PS if you insist on getting things right in the camera in the first place. Some plug-ins can also help the lazy folks such as myself, e.g. PTLens for distortion/vignetting correction, Photokit Sharpener, a noise reduction program such as Noise Ninja or NeatImage, a B/W conversion plug-in such as Fred Miranda BW Pro, a color correction program such as iCorrect Pro, and an occassional help with Genuine Fractals if you want to make larger prints.

    Also remember, if I can do it, anybody can.


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