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  1. I inherited this camera from my dad, who bought it new in 1969 for a road trip
    across Canada. I was with my mother and father on that trip, and I also have
    the Kodachrome (25 & 64) slides he shot on that trip.

    Yesterday I decided that I wanted to try a film in it as it hasn't likely had
    one through it in 30 years or so. Everything seemed to be okay, even the light
    meter, with the exception of the rangefinder. It showed about 15 feet when it
    should have been at infinity, so I took the top off and adjusted that. I dug
    around in my camera gear and found a Vivitar 252 flash that had a cord, as the
    camera only has a cold shoe. Today I put a Kodak Gold 200 film in it that I
    had stored in the freezer.

    My question is, does anyone have a suggestion for a good way to use a neck or
    wrist strap with this camera? I'd hate to drop it, as it has sentimental
    value. The ever-ready case that comes with it attaches by the tripod screw-
    hole, but using that case seems pretty awkward, especially if one wants to
    carry it with the case open for walk around photography.

    Thanks, Wayne
  2. It's really nice to inherit an old camera from ones parents and then get it working and go out and use it. Hope you'll post some photos taken with it.

    I happen to have an old case from a Paxette Electromatic that may fit the Vitoret. The top of the case is damaged, remove it and the bottom section would make a great half case, complete with strap lugs.

    The internal dimensions are 115mm x 30mm with the 1/4-20 tripod screw located in the centre. If this will fit the Vitoret, you can have it. Email me if you want it.

    Another option is to buy a Vitoret w/case on ebay (they're relatively inexpensive) and again, remove the top section of the case.
  3. I have seen ads for a wrist strap that attaches to the tripod socket.
  4. Or look for an ever ready case for one of the Vito series or the C's. I would bet the bottom of a CR/CLR would work.
    I don't trust wrist straps, I had a Canon screw-in that broke and killed my camera.All the stuff you find now is old.
    I love my Voigtlanders, in fact I just finished a roll in my CLR {which has the same lens as yours} and it does one heck of a job.
  5. I don't have a Voigtlander Vitoret but I have a Retina IIIc. THe Retina IIIc allows me to use neck strap too but I prefer to use the ever-ready case. It is due to the case let the others look like a bag rather than a camera. It is easier to take snapshots.
    The ever-ready case have small resistance to water. It can protect the camera from rain days.

    My Voigtlander camera does not comes with any case or strap.Then it has become a difficult for me to handle it.
  6. Hold the presses here. You post a photograph of the most awesome camera covering I have ever seen, and no one has anything to say about it??? This camera would have been right at home beside a stereo cabinet of the day, or the Pinto Wagon my parents hand!
    <img src="http://www.stationwagon.com/gallery/pictures/1972_Ford_Pinto.jpg"><br>
    I just stole this photo online somewhere. But thats the basic idea. Very sweet looking camera!
    Just remove the front section of the case, those things are a pain in the butt, and use the lower section with the strap lugs. Ive got several rangefinders that this is the only way to have a neck strap.
  7. I picked up a cherry Voigtlander Vito CL for $5 at a yard sale a couple of years ago. The meter works too! I use the bottom half of the case for attaching the neckstrap. It's a bit of a nuisance, and makes an otherwise nice slim camera a bit bulky, but it's quiet, the meter is accurate, and the 50/2.8 Color-Skopar is a very sharp lens.
  8. Patrick,

    I agree that the top half of most camera cases are a pain in the butt, but I don't think that Ronald wants to remove the top half of a case that was handed down to him by his father. The majority of those old cases had the top half stitched or riveted to the bottom. You can't just remove it and put it back on when the need arises.

    Did your parents really own a station wagon with faux woodgrain side panels? AWESOME! :)
  9. Thanks for the comments so far. The internal dimensions of the bottom of the case for this camera is about 13.5 cms. x 3.5 cms. The tripod screw is in the center as to the width of the camera, but toward the front, so is not centered in the depth of the body. I suspect this is to give it better center balancing considering the lens weight extended to the front. Anyways, I suspect that I would pretty well have to get another case from a vitoret, or at least another similar voigtlander, for it to fit.

    I really don't want to cut the top of this case because of the sentimental value. But practically it is quite useless because of the top and front hanging down flopping around when open. And yes, it does not detach, without a knife.

    The woodgrain covering is original. I really think it looks quite nice, another reason not to walk around with it covered up with an old brown case :)

    I was thinking of something attached to the tripod screw, but haven't really come up with any good or easily workable ideas yet. Somehow the weight taken by the strap has to be toward the top of the camera, or the thing is going to be hanging upside down. Probably finding an old case or case bottom will be the most practical.

    Thanks, Wayne
  10. That is great that you have the another version of the Vitoret. Most of the vitoret that I have seen usually comes with leather skin. If not, then it means it has been modified.
    I also have the same problem that the tripod screw on my Bessamatic's case. It is bigger than usual.
  11. If not, then it means it has been modified.​
    I am almost six years late in responding to this thread. Kevin, that is a stock cover which was an option provided by Voigtländer.

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