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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by martin_pistor, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. Hi folks,
    I'm visiting Las Vegas for business purpose next month, and might have spare
    time to look for some equipment bargain. Any recommendation for a shop with
    good nikon (and compatible) equipment and fair prices (especially lenses)?
    Just nothing out of town, for I'm supposed to spend my time primarly working;-)
    Best regards,
  2. There are lots of pawn shops<g>.
  3. No idea about equipment, but if you have a 1/2 day free and want to shoot a little, great very close drives are to Hoover Dam or Red Rocks. Both are close to town and rental cars are pretty inexpensive. Fun photo ops that aren't casino related. Hoover Dam has some pretty fantastic deco architecture inside and out in addition to the coolness of the dam itself. Water levels are still among the lowest in ages I believe and you can get some shots that haven't been possible since the early 1970's when the lake behind the dam was still filling.
  4. Get a lens like 14mm or 18mm -70mm so you can get panoramics photos. In the day will be usefull a polarizer filter to get the best day colors.
  5. I think Las Vegas would be the last place to purchase photo equipment, unless you are rich ...

    Prices I checked there were much higher than in NY or LA, but of course there are exceptions to any rule.
  6. If you go to Hoover Dam be aware they have very tight security. When we were there in 2005 you couldn't take a camera bag or purse into the dam. You could carry a camera but no bag. The dam and powerhouse is very art deco. Some nice photo ups but you need a fair fast WA lens to get the best results inside. We lucked out when we were there. They were repairing the modern elevators that take visitors directly from the visitors center to the powerhouse. So we got to go in "the old way" through the tunnels from the top of the dam to the powerhouse. A great experience.
  7. I wouldn't buy anything in Las Vegas especially from a Pawn Shop. It's still a better idea to shop at a place such as KEH or BHPhoto or somewhere local to you. Now when it comes to shooting, I think Las Vegas would have ample opportunites for great photos. It would be fun to shoot some of those night lights, people on the go.
  8. We have a few camera stores here in Vegas, but they are what I consider to be good local stores - knowledgable staff, moderate assortment of hardware, but not where you'd go for low prices. There's a Ritz or Wolf (I forget which) in the outlet mall south of the strip, and they have some bargains, but within limits. At various times, I've bought a tripod, monopod, and ball head there (all Bogen), with prices close to B&H. For comparison, I called them a month and a half ago to see if they have the 80-400 VR - they did, for $1600 + tax, vs $1430 + shipping at B&H.

    There are a couple of stores on the strip that sell cameras. They seem to cater to those who just picked up a bundle at the roulette wheel.

    If you bring equipment and don't have a car, try the Bellagio for the fountain show outside and the Conservatory inside (most amazing flower display). The Ansel Adams show is still at the Bellagio Fine Art Gallery. If architecture interests you, the interiors and exteriors of Paris and Venetian are good locations. A twilight shot from the deck of the Stratosphere is a classic.

    Have fun.
  9. Hoover Dam interior of turbines from a point and shoot in Dec 2005. Can't wait to go back one day with my D80.
  10. I would suggest going to one of the many Las Vegas shows for fun. I know I had a great time watching O.

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