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  1. Heard this on CNN. Do not know full threat. There is a really nasty virus mostly in Russia and Ukraine but it has been seen over her. One of its portals is. in the guise of Adobe updates. Are we at risk? At this point I am working under the assumption that we are. Has anyone else heard of this>
  2. Just peachy, another day on the internet. Backup, backup, backup to external drives. Have a couple cloned backup hard drives just in case you need to rebuild from scratch. Run virus protection software. Don't use pirated software. Only download from verified sources and scan everything before you open it.

    Interesting I have seen a couple sites in the last week with news videos saying you need your Adobe Flash updated or installed to view this. Really? Why? I have no problem viewing videos anyplace else. So I just get annoyed and close the window and find the news someplace I don't have to install anything to view, like YouTube..

    The internet and world might be a better place if a few countries had their internet privileges taken away.
  3. I have two backup drives.
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