Vignetting issues with canon 5d and canon FD 100mm marco with FD adaptor

Discussion in 'Macro' started by michaelphillips, Feb 20, 2019.

  1. I am wanting to use my canon 5d mark iii to digitize my negatives. I have an old canon FD 100 mm macro lens and bought a fotodiox FD to EOS adaptor. I have removed the glass in the adaptor. I am experiencing vignetting. any ideas as how to correct this? Thanks.
  2. With the length of the adapter, without a lens, the combination would focus very close.

    So, the adapter has a lens which compensates, and this also expands the image to fill the frame.

    I presume, then, that there is a hole (where the lens was) much smaller than the frame size.
    You need to remove enough of that.
  3. The EOS mount has a larger internal diameter than the FD mount. Basically, the "hole" is too small.

  4. thanks, that is not what i wanted to hear.

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