ViewNX 2 -- they finally fixed it!

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by wpahnelas, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. i dunno how many of my fellow nikon shooters use viewNX 2 in their workflow, but this is for those who do:
    the initial release of ViewNX 2 was terribly slow and quirky. i've kept version 1 around precisely because version 2 was such a letdown.
    finally, today, i became aware that ViewNX 2, version 2.1.1 has become available from the european nikon site. i downloaded and installed this new version, and i have to admit -- it's pretty nice.
    performance has speeded up considerably, and while it's still too early for any definitive judgement, it appears much more stable than its predecessor.
    finally, it appears that the e-mail output function has returned, after having been disabled previously.
    if you're a ViewNX 2 user, it's definitely worth checking out.
  2. William, Thx,
    I do use VIEWNX 2 for "Quickies" and resizeing. Never had stability issues though ...
  3. Thanks for the heads up. I used to use version 1, I liked it, version 2 was a disaster on the Macs and I stopped using View NX since then.
    Might give it another try soon.
  4. Ok
    I just down loaded it and one thing it doesn't have is a slide show feature, which I use a lot.
    I guess I will keep the older edition also.
  5. Dennis, the slideshow is there, they jut moved the icon.
  6. I have also had bad experiences with the previous iterations; the software would simply stop displaying the images after a few minutes of use in a large directory of images. The newest version seems to work, however, thanks for the tip.
  7. The newer version definitely seems more stable, but the start-up time is a bit excessive.
  8. Thank you Mauro
    I guess I just didn't look far enough.
    I have not had any problems with the previous version, so will give the new version a try for a while before I dump the older version. All I have used View NX for is to view photos and run a slide show, for weeding out the photo I don't want. Any processing I do is in Capture NX2. The new version does have a few new features.

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