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  1. I want to try to calibrate my monitor to see whether using the tool in windows will give me some improvement. It is blocking me from doing this because the monitor is "mirrored" on my TV, so that I can use the computer for streaming (Amazon, etc.). I assume if I turn that setting off it would allow me to use the color calibration feature, BUT...

    Does anyone know whether those settings will hold true once I reconnect the TV?

    Will the new settings somehow prevent me from reconnecting the TV? (I know this seems unlikely, but I better ask.)

  2. As far as I know, the setting should hold, and not block you. However, the built-in calibration tool is very limited in scope and usefulness (useful if you have very large deviations, but already a lot less useful for colour casts for example). Most proper (hardware) colour calibration tools will create a per-monitor profile, and have no issue with a second screen being connected/used. Sure these solutions do cost some money, but they're a lot more solid approach than the wizard in Windows 10.
  3. Thanks. I'll probably get around to trying it over the weekend when I'd have time to work it out if it goofed me up.

    I've thought about picking up one of the proper solutions, but new they are more than I should really spend on it, and I don't know whether it would be worth it with the monitor I have (ASUS VK278Q if I recall). I have seen them cheaper used on ebay. I may do that.
  4. So sorry that I don't have ralated experiences.
  5. I have used Datacolor Spyder Elite for a number of years and it works very well. If you are doing anything that you regards as critical then do not rely on Windows Utility. It is OK for everyday use but if you are serious about photography, which I suspect you are, then use Datacolor or similar.

    It requires a removable attachment which is used to initially scan and then re calibrate the screen but it is worth the cost and the effort.
  6. Hi, guys! Noticed your them about monitor calibration and want to ask:
    I'll install W10 in next few days and want to try Colour monkey calibrator, friend will give it to me. How you think it`ll work stable? Have anyone used it?

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