using DSLR while wearing rimless spectacles

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by roger_s, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. I've used SLR's and DSLR's while wearing spectacles with no problem.
    I'm contemplating getting rimless specs with seem more fragile. Does anyone have experience using SLR/DSLR while wearing rimless spectacles? Does it stress the rimless specs, even causing breakage?
  2. Roger, I have rimless glasses that I use with my D300. It works fine, except occasionally I'll get a little smudge on my glasses from the rubber rim around the viewfinder. You shouldn't have any problem.
  3. I used the combo for a couple of years with no problems. Oddly enough the rimless glasses are not as flimsy as they seem.
  4. My favorite pair(s) are 3-piece drill mount Silhouette frames. Besides being fine for use through the viewfinder, they have been stepped on, twisted, bent and straightened back.
    They are the lightest, most comfortable pair of specs that I have ever owned. (And I own close to 20 pair.)
  5. Even though my rimless frames are durable, I pull them up on my forehead when I look through the viewfinder. I want to see the maximum view and I press the camera against my face for added stability.
  6. As a spectacle wearer, I find Live View to be indispensable. You might want to give it a try.
  7. I not only use rimless glasses, but I'm also left eye dominate. My only issue is my nose sometimes hits the focus selector and moves it on me!
  8. I sometimes just take my glasses of and compensate my bad view with the diopter adjustment in the viewfinder.
  9. Steven, my frames are also made by Silhouette. They are the best I've owned.
  10. no problem at all..
  11. I too have silouette frames and I find that they don't get in the way too much. I have also used the diopter and hung the frames around my neck on a cord when shooting. A bigger problem is having to switch between sunglasses and regular frames. I had to get nonpolarized sunglasses so that I would not get interference in the viewfinder of some cameras.
  12. I'd have to add that it also depends on which camera we are talking about. Others are far better on spectacle wearers than others. Eg, I tried the D200 veiwfinder and it was awful with my glasses, you really had to press the veiwfinder/glasses into your eyesocket to see anything, whereas the D700 is terrific for eyeglass wearers, light pressure and the entire veiwfinder is clearly visible. Which cameras is roger refering to ?

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