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  1. I'm trying to use a USB to SCSI adapter with my Umax Powerlook 3000. The computer recognises the adapter and COM port, but silverfast wont let me connect to my scanner. nor does the scanner show up under imaging devices. Also, when I unplug the USB from my computer the scanner responds by moving the motor (thats how it talks to the outside world :p )
  2. I think the first step is to contact Umax support and find out if the scanner will work with the USB adapter. Also, it's not a Silverfast problem. The computer is not seeing the the scanner through the adapter. One thing you can try (assuming Windows): Start>Computer Management>Device Manager>Right click on Human Interface Devices>Click on Scan For Hardware Changes.
    If your USB-SCSI adapter is the Adaptec USBXchange device, the latest supported OS is Windows XP. I think they've been off the market for a long time. If you search PNet for "USB to SCSI adapter", you'll see that there are a lot of problems with them.
    Good luck!
  3. I was just using some random eBay I guess that might be my problem. I was reading some other stories about adapters and didn't have much hope. I am using the scanner on an SCSI card that came with the scanner, the problem is that latest drivers and for windows XP and I don't like that I have to restart my computer every time I want to go back to windows 7, just trying to streamline the process.
  4. I had the same problem with my old Minolta Scan Multi II. I finally ended up with an older Vista machine as a dedicated scanner controller, linked to my W7 main computer via LAN so I could save the scans there directly. It might be worth a shot, and it's definitely a cheaper solution than a new scanner.
  5. Well, i'm pretty much doing the same thing but dual booting xp and vista, so both Operating systems are on the same machine. But, I did see an option to "Add Legacy Hardware" so might find the driver for my SCSI PCI card and try and get it to work on windows 7 or something.
  6. You might find this helpful:
  7. If you use Win7 Pro you can install MS Virtual computer SW and run XP Pro as a window in Win7 Pro. This avoids the dual boot scenario. Must be Win7 Pro or Ultimate versions though. Useful for legacy HW/SW problems.
  8. I suppose that is an option, Im going to try and install the driver for the scsi card in legacy mode and see what happens.
  9. If your computer is a 64 bit computer/OS and the driver you can find for the SCSI adapter is only 32 bit then you may be running into a brick wall there. Dual booting should solve that. Another alternative is to find an old computer that's fully compatible and set it up as a scanning station. A used XP computer should be pretty affordable.
  10. I think what I am going to try next is to run my existing dual boot of XP using VMware, see how far I get there.
  11. A couple of years ago, I tried to find a reliable USB<>SCSI adapter, but the internet rumor, innuendo, and data I found suggested that the reason that the adapters are "off the market" and hard to find is that they never seemed to work very well, even when they were new and still supported by then-current OSs.
    I personally found it much easier to just keep my old computer with its SCSI card in use, mostly to serve the scanner I had, as William has suggested.
    Given the tedious nature of scanning, I found it good to have that taking place behind my back while I was working on my newer computers in front.
  12. I hear that, JDM. Just one of the many reasons that moved me to digital...
  13. I have an old USBXchange I only managed to make it work on an Apple iBook, but not even each time it was powered on. I miss the suspense :)

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