Upcoming photobook on the Texas Petawatt Laser

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  1. The Texas Petawatt is one of the world's most powerful lasers, unleashing a peak output nearly 2000 times greater than the entire U.S. electrical grid.

    “The Superlative Light”, to be published in Fall 2014 by Daylight Books, examines this University of Texas initiative from a layperson's perspective. This series of monochrome images draws upon the conventions of “grade – B” science fiction cinema in its exploration of an unparalleled research facility where some of the most extreme conditions in the universe are recreated, recasting real working scientists as the heroes of an imaginary epic and presenting an interloper's awe-struck experience of a seemingly sacred space where a brilliant but mortal group of men and women perform work normally reserved for the gods.

    This hardbound book features a scientific introduction by Dr. Todd Ditmire, director of the Texas Petawatt, as well as an original science fiction story by award-winning author and mathematician Rudy Rucker. Additionally, each book includes a unique bookmark made from specialized laser “burn paper” with an image etched directly onto its surface by the Texas Petawatt.

    The publication of this volume represents the culmination of an auspicious year for the Texas Petawatt Project, following the recent profile of my career by The New York Times, as well as important experimental breakthroughs utilizing the laser for particle acceleration. On my website you can view a flash slideshow of the full portfolio.

    As this body of work, nearly four years in the making, enters its final stages, broad community support is now more valuable than ever. As part of my efforts to bring this book to life, I'd like to invite you to visit the Kickstarter campaign page for this project. There, you will find more information about the book's content, design, and contributors; you can even pre-order your own copy of the book.

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