Unique Photo - Anyone Bought Pro Film from them?

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by karl_borowski, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. I just got their catalog in the mail the other day. They have some great prices, and seem to be pretty
    reasonable, but they make no mention of whether their film is "USA" or "USAW" or "import" (obviously, I am
    in the USA), and they make no mention of refrigeration of their film. Has anyone had experience with
    them, and are they any good?


  2. I bought from them a few years back and had a mixed experience. I ordered 36 exposure
    rolls of film, and received 24 exposures. When I called them on the phone, they had a typical
    NYC customer service attitude. I was leaving for Italy a week later, and they refused to Fed Ex
    the film, even though it was their mistake. The film did make it on time, but I have never
    ordered from them again.

    Calumet Photo, JandC Photo, and Freestyle all have excellent customer service.
  3. they had a typical NYC customer service attitude....​

    ... said the man who didn't know they're not in NY.
  4. Karl,

    Unique sells a ton of film to dealers around the country. If you want fresh dated, USA film, tell them. IF you want short dated, or import film to save money, tell them.

    Call Sheila (my sales rep) at their 1-800 number, and press extension 270. Tell her Dave told you to call her, and tell her what you want - she will get it, and at good prices! Be as specific as you can: Fresh dated, USA only, 5-packs, boxed rolls, or whatever it is exactly that you want.

  5. They're in NJ and I've visited their retail store a few times. They're a legitimate and professional outfit. As I recall I think they had their pro film in a refrigerator when I was there, but the last time was a few years ago.

    Their prices generally seem pretty reasonable. They are mainly mail order I think, but they do have a retail store attached to their warehouse. They're located on an industrial estate rather than in a normal retail shopping area.
  6. Yes, but it has been a very long time as I usually bought film from B&H. I have bought many thousands of dollars in cameras and lenses from Unique and never had a problem. Good people, in my case great customer service (of the five Canon L lenses I bought from them, four had were returned with QC problems).

    Unique used to have a really cool deal where you could reserve a batch of film (300 rolls from the same production), but only buy it as needed, as long as the entire batch was purchased within one year. You buy your film, determine the precise color and exposure characteristics of it, and not have to worry about testing again until you used up the whole batch. Very cool idea.

    Once upon a time they were partnered with a company called "Exactly! for Photographers", which was in some ways a company tied around Tom Zimberoff's PhotoByte software, and you could order film and other supplies (from Unique) directly through your business software as you were planning a shoot.

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