Unable to download images from my Rebel XT

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by nilangsu_mahanty|2, Dec 12, 2005.

  1. Hello to everybody.I've bought a Rebel Xt body a few days back and
    have taken around 200 shots with it.I've downloaded all the software
    that come with the XT, but I'm not able to download the images from
    the camera.When I'm switching the camera on after connecting it to my
    PC's USB port,the downloading program isn't automatically popping up,
    as it used to with my A85.The downloading couldn't be done using the
    scanner and camera wizard either.

    I've recently changed from WIN98 to XP, if that makes any
    difference.Unable to see the images on my computer, I'm naturally very
    frustrated.Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Nilangsu, get yourself a CF card reader, it will solve all your problems. It does not cost much and with USB 2.0 the files transfer in a breeze. You dont waste battery power on your camera too. All the best.
  3. or you might need to download service pack 1 and 2 if you havent allready. If its an Illeagle copy of XP you wont be able to get the service packs though, so youll then need a card reader.

    microsoft has a raw viewer on their website you can download for free.
  4. I can do that, Pradeep , but there has to be a workaround for my problem. But thanks, I'll keep the suggestion in mind.
  5. No, Craig, I haven't. Mine's a legal one if that's what you meant . Can the service packs be downloaded from the Canon websites ?
  6. Google for Microsoft XP SP2 and you will find the download link. Most of us use a card reader though, its plug and play and no hassle of connecting the camera to the computer.
  7. Once you try a card reader, you will never even consider transferring directly from a camera again. It's much, much faster, the camera battery isn't wasted, and there is no danger of knocking the camera from the desk to the floor.
  8. Thanks , Paul and Pradeep. Tell me , how much would a card reader cost me? Are there compatibilty issues?
  9. I share the same thoughts as Paul about knocking the camera off the table to the floor. A card reader costs around $20. You even get 7 in 1 card readers which read all kinds of cards from CF, Memory Stick, XD, SD etc.
  10. Julian, how do you get your name in? I have a Canon 10D is it possible to get your name in? Is it part of the EXIF data?
  11. Card readers seem to be the way to go. Nevertheless I'll try downloading the WIA TWAIN driver from the link given by Julian and see whether that helps.
  12. This is a known problem of the Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) driver written by Canon (although Canon will not acknowledge it as a problem). Because of the way Canon wrote the WIA for Windows XP, it won't download both JPEG and RAW at the same camera communication setting. In the camera menu, you can select either "Normal" or "PTP." One will download RAW, one will download JPEG, but neither setting will download both. In fact, neither setting will even show both in Windows.

    This affects any device or application that requires the WIA (including both Windows Explorer and Photoshop). It does not affect a device that does not use the WIA. Most CF readers, for instance, use driver written by their own manufacturers.
  13. another vote for card readers. I've owned 3 digital p&s cams now, and have yet to upload any software that came with them, other than the stitcher program for my canon g2. Tom
  14. Julian, how do you get your name in? I have a Canon 10D is it possible to get your name in? Is it part of the EXIF data?
    While you could embed "Julian Loke" in the EXIF tags on all your images, you might want to put your own name instead. Refer to page W-46 (page 58 of 182) in your EOS 10D software instruction manual:
    Try doing that with your card reader. It would be just as (un)successful as trying to upload a firmware upgrade using a direct computer-to-camera connection.
  15. I just got myself a card reader and the ease of downloading images with one cannot be exaggerated.Thanks a lot, everybody, for helping me get started with my new Rebel XT.
  16. Good to hear that. All the very best with your Rebel XT. Waiting to see your pictures.

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