Two More Sierra by Crown 23

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  1. Here's a couple more images I liked from the July trip. Details to follow images...
  2. Not much I like better than sleeping near a a rushing creek and having my coffee there in the morning.
    This was shot with my Crown 23 backpacker using the 103mm Trioptar at f~22 for 4 sec. This was actually in the shade with a lot of skylight while the dawn alpineglow was on the Sierra Crest above. This film is the Ektar 100 and I actually liked the bluing effect on the soft water.
  3. This was a very beautiful day to be out and about. I'd spent the last night on Mather Pass to the north along the John Muir Trail, got up early and hiked down to the next pass south which is Pinchot. Nice walk. Met a few of the groups hiking the JMT and found myself the designated group portrait photographer on Mather making do with folks' little digitals. Both days were pretty much "Party on the Pass" for a couple hours as people were moving thru. All good I suppose, but I tend to like a bit more solitude seeing only a person now and then. But that isn't ussually the case along the JMT unless you take a side trip off trail. I like both, and if feeling social I head for the popular routes.
    I shot this also with the Crown Graphic 23 backpacker and using my little 65mm 6.8 Angulon and a UVB filter. Film is Reala 100 120 roll film and exposure was f~16 for 1/50.
    The purplish-blue flowers in the forground are skypilot, which bloom only for a couple weeks maybe just after the snow mostly clears on the high ridges in early July. They are only found between about 12,500 and 13,200 ft.
  4. Skypilot Crop
  5. Well, download compression is playing havick with sharpness, but good enough so ya'll get the general idea.
    And while I'd have liked more of a left right composition on the mountain scene, I kinda get it that I don't have much control over where the little people plant the flowers with relation to the mountain peaks. They aren't photographers after all, though I've heard a couple may take some classes...
  6. Beautiful! befitting the SG Class, as always!, Regards, sp.
  7. Wonderful
  8. SG, every time I see your shots, they look like I could just walk into them.
  9. excellent shots SG! what type of film are you using? I had a crown with a 105 ektar, wish i still had it sometimes, again nice work
  10. superb.
    wish I was out there as it is the Dog Days here in DC.
  11. Bruce .. I hear you.. August in the District! Wheww.
    Incredible! I'm always just blown away!! Both shots are great. The color of the rushing water is blue.
    Very neat. The depth of the clouds are practically 3D and sharpness of the flowers is also not to be missed. I've blamed it on inaccurate shutters, poorly adjusted RFs, bad meters etc... You work is inspiring!
  12. Thanks Chuck, all.
    Really the images, the film that is, are nice and sharp, but some textures lend themselves better to the download compression that happens posting here. And sometimes they download pretty nice so I don't worry about it anymore unless the degredation takes too much important small details away. And I focus almost everything on the view screen GG with a 10 X loupe. I also did a little testing two years ago shooting lenses wide open to make sure I was on the film plane and not getting too much film curl. Bueno.

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