Tripods in Paris, London, Rome?

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  1. Here in NYC, the city can technically require photographers to
    obtain a photo permit before shooting any pictures if they are using
    a tripod or anything else which can impede pedestrian traffic. Are
    there similar laws in London or Paris or Rome? I am considering
    taking my Super Speed for a trip or two . . .
  2. Paris theoretically requires permits. The one time I had any grief, the policeman waited until I'd taken the shot before strolling over and saying that I really ought to have a permit.

    London requires permits in Royal Parks only.

    Rome, dunno.


    Roger (
  3. I'm just back from a week in Paris where I've taken over 4,000 pictures, and I've never been bothered for using my tripod, except under the Louvre pyramid where they asked politely that I take handheld shots, because they sell their own pictures... Pierre
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    Just got back from a week in Paris myself... I didn?t take my tripod for concern of not being able to use it but I found so many tourists there using them, so I would say the general rules apply that you can probably use one (legally or not) until someone tells you otherwise. However, keeping in mind that many of the places in Paris are very narrow and tight, it is probably best to refrain from using tripods in crowded places, for everyone?s safety. Next time I go I'm definitely taking my tripod. But this time, here?s what I got handheld (and from the support of trees, monuments, walls, etc.)
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    Pierre, Do you have any others of the 4000 you took that you?d be willing to share? I?d love to see what I missed. I completely look forward to getting back there because my trip there was my first and now I have a basic idea of what I'd go for next time.
  6. James,

    Paris is the pefect walking and most photogenic city I've seen. I've been there 5 times, and would like to go back every year, but it's a little far ($$$) from Montreal...

    I've started uploading a few pictures to my PBase website at

    I'll go look at your pictures.

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    Paris varies site by site. The Louvre Courtyard seems to object, though I have photographed there at dusk in summer when I suspect the security staff have long gone home; the Luxembourg Gardens objects; inside most of the famous buildings object- eg the Panthenon. On the street its fine until you meet a policeman who might consider your tripod to be a danger/obstruction. You can't bank on any solid criteria for a policeman's/security guard's decision to intervene.

    London is similar with respect to "inside" locations. There are a surprising number of "outside" locations that are apparently private property and which are "policed" by security staff. Here its what you can get away with until you're asked to stop. On the street/bridges etc I have had no problems.

    In both cities you can work extensively with a tripod but its probably best to be able to work without one too.
  8. I'd say prepare for the worst and hope for the best. I was asked to put away my tripod in the courtyard of the Louvre as well while shooting at dusk. Ended up using a digital compact, laying it on the edge of water fountain border, propped the camera up with coins, and set self-timer to trip the shutter.
  9. As far as I remember there was no trouble in modern Rome, but the ancient Forum Romanum and indoors are different.
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    Pierre, is brilliant
  11. James,

    Thank you for your kind words.

  12. I think railway stations in London may be a problem for a tipod. It's probably a public safety issue. Most places in the cities you want to visit can be very busy, you are going to loose a lot of friends if you put up a tripod. However, the courtyard of the Louvre is fine once the museum closes. Or at least there were a fair few tripods in view when I was there last.

    Something you might consider is a small tripod (about 15 to 30 cm) that you can set up on something like a bridge balustrade, lamp post or so on. I have used one in London, Paris, Venice and many other places in Europe without a problem.

    Hope this helps.

  13. In london at the moment, commion sense prevails with heightened security - usual rules apply about military sites etc and general restrictions about flash / tripods inside certain buildings, but I've never been approached, stopped, questioned etc in London - even when I was on a workshop with a photography magazine and 8 of us were touting tripods etc in the same area!

    Paris - I've never had difficulties in the pyramides area of the louvre, mind you I've never used a tripod there. Concorde, Champs Elysees etc no worries - go for some twilight traffic trail shots. Some stuff on my site - - click travel then Paris.


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