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  1. Hello,
    I'll soon go to Boston, could a native tell me 1) where to buy 4X5 + 35mm film , 2) good place for 2nd hand large format.
    many Thanks, Merci d'avance!
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    Try calling Calumet or Hunt's. Both have locations in the Boston/Cambridge area and I've personally been
    using Hunt's for years.
  3. Also try: EP Levine, Drydock Avenue, South Boston not far from the docks from where cruise ships sail.
  4. I agree with Sean - Calumet or Hunt's are good for film. As for 2nd hand large format - I usually use web sites. Just be aware that EP Levine isn't what it once was. I wouldn't go too far out of my way for a visit, but it's worth a stop if you happen to be nearby.
    New England Camera has used gear, mostly Leicas. But they sometimes have a few medium and large format cameras. They're in Arlington, so you'd need to catch the #77 bus from Harvard Square. There are several good restaurants near it - Sweet Chili serves Thai that's very good.
    You'll need to eat, too, so give India Quality in Kenmore Sq. a try if you like Indian. Best Indian food that I've ever had. Just catch the Green Line to the Kenmore Square stop (any train except "E").
  5. If you have a hard time finding what you need in the city, keep in mind that the biggest Hunt's store is in the town of Melrose, in the suburbs. You can get there by taking the subway's orange line.
  6. I like Levine's which has many used large formats lying around for you to touch and feel. Not so in other stores.
    But in addition to the mentioned stores, with a little pre-trip effort and/or time while in town, you may find what you are looking for from private parties. Especially if you are looking for something special, and at a good price. Boston is flooded with photographers. Some of them are genuinely helpful to fellow photographers from far away :)
    If you should happen to be in Boston at the *right* time, check out:
    There may be sales at this conference:
    Or contact some of their members:
    Search or post a wanted ad here:
    Last but not least, there are many photography schools in town, such as:
    The above are the sources of many of my own equipment.
  7. I am also intending to go to Boston. Can anyone refer me any place of my accommodation. I am an Indian and coming from Bangalore . I will be looking forward for your replies.

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