Trip to Acadia with photography as a main goal

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  1. I am heading to Acadia national park on Friday August 10, driving from NYC to Schoodic Woods Campground, (non stop, well .. will stop to eat and fuel up) where my first night is planned.
    I plan to spend the full saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday half day in Acadia.
    And then on Wednesday afternoon I plan to start heading back. to NYC, but this time with the plan to see the Maine cost line, and surrounding areas.
    I do not have any particular plans, and would like to catch the gems that I can catch.
    Can anyone help me build a itinerary with photo opportunities ?
    I want to photograph nature, landscapes, wildlife if I can find it.
    I will bring either Nikon D7000 with 55-300 and 16-85 lens, or (if I can finish the purchase in time), the D610 with 24-120 lens.
    I will have a tripod. But this is a vacation, so I would prefer not strain myself too much carrying tripod to a strenuous hikes.
  2. Lamoine State Park, NE of Ellsworth, has good views looking back at Acadia. Northeast Harbor is scenic. Fort Knox and Penobscott Narrows Bridge observation tower near Bucksport are worthwhile. Area around Blue Hill Maine also. Monhegan Island ferry trip and walk around the island. Ferry from Portland to the Casco Bay islands is good. Expect traffic. Have a good trip.
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    paul ron NYC

    thunder hole was amazing.
  4. Last time I was at Acadia I was shooting film, but the locations I remember are as follows: Jordan Pond; great images possible and definitely recommend eating at the Jordan Pond House (popovers are a must), Cadillac Mountain; Panoramas and sunsets (line up your tripod next to a throng of other photographers also shooting the sunset). Remember to turn your camera around to the scenery being lite up be the setting sun.

    Agree with the Thunder Hole suggestion and have got great images of the Maine rocky coast (at a beach location in the park, for which I do not remember the name). Acadia is, IMHO, possibly the most impressive national park east of the Rockies. Bar Harbor is also a really nice town with lots of good restaurants. There are plenty of websites with location suggestions and photos.
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