Transporting Students - Need Insurance

Discussion in 'Business of Photography' started by sarakeith, Apr 24, 2017.

  1. Hi everyone!
    I'm having some serious trouble finding insurance that covers the transportation portion of our workshops.
    We're taking about 10 students in a rented van. Our insurance through Hiscox covers us everywhere- as long as we are stationary- they don't cover us during transit.
    Do you know of any reliable insurance companies that will cover the taxi of students in a rented van?
  2. Are you in the US? If so, any insurance company that sells auto liability insurance could probably sell you appropriate coverage. Call an insurance broker who works with multiple insurance carriers.
  3. Although the University was "self-insured" in some sense, I usually had a short term personal liability rider for summer field sessions where we were driving students around.
    Back then, the cost was trivial. Don't know what it is in today's litigious environment.
  4. Can't you get insurance from the company that's renting you the van? Every time I rent a vehicle, the company tries to sell me insurance. Also, what about your own automobile insurance? Have you investigated whether that covers a rented van and passengers if you are the renter/driver? If all else fails, I agree with Bob ... seek out an insurance broker. He/she should be able to find you something appropriate.

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