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  1. My Mother kindly gave me a present of a SANYO HD700 camera. This has the ability to take still and digital
    movie.However my personal PC is fairly old and I do not have the ability to transfer the movies to a DVD. My
    memory cards are full and I have no way of transferring this and then wiping the cards clean for future use.
    Can anyone give me a suggestion of how to tranfer the movie images without going out and buying a whole new
    Many thanks Mike
  2. An external CD/DVD drive should do the job. My old Dell laptop that I'm on right now is from an era when you had to pay extra to get DVD compatability. I have an HP external drive for burning DVDs.
  3. May be you can buy a
    external DVD writer,
    like this one

    You need to make
    sure that you have

    * USB connectivity
    on your PC

    * The drivers
    supplied with DVD
    writer are
    compatible with
    operating system you
    are running

    When you buy the
    drive mostly you
    would get
    a DVD writer
    software with the

    Alternatively, if
    you have bandwidth
    (i.e if you high
    speed internet) you
    can consider
    uploading to online
    storage like (5gb
    free) or
    (2gb free), (50gb

    I have not used, as it
    does not have a
    software to
    automatic backup. I
    have used
    and, I
    recommend those
    sites. is
    very secure, you can
    encrypt the data you
    are uploading, and
    only you can decrypt
    it, it also supports
    secure transport. does not
    provide you data
    encryption, but it
    does provide secure
    transport, note that
    secure transport is
    not enabled by
  4. If you computer is old, may not have fast USB port to use for an extarnal DVD Writer. Even recording at 1X speed may be already too fast?

    There are DVD recorders that accept memory cards directly, and do not require a computer at all, like one from Sony DVDDirectMC5 , DRDMC5. The device has multiple function, mostly geared for travel away from home, and it records relatively fast. Plays back on a hotel TV, or on a little color LCD srceen built-it.
  5. As several writers mentioned, you could purchase an external or even internal DVD Writer Drive and install that in your existing system. You would need to follow the installation instructions most carefully. Then you would need to install the DVD Burner Application that comes with the drive. For example, you can go to WALMART, and purchase a nice SONY internal DVD burner for about $60 , and it comes with the software you need. If you can do that, it would provide the DVD Drive Device and application that you need to write data files (of any sort) to a DVD disk.

    Your question, to my mind, RAISES another question, possibly in your mind. That is, "do you want to take these raw camera video clips and use them to CREATE a home-made DVD-VIDEO MOVIE DISK, ie the kind that you can pop in any old home entertainment system and run the DVD movie and watch it on TV ?".

    If THAT is your intention, then you also need some DVD MOVIE MAKING SOFTWARE. In addition to what comes with the DVD burner drive. You have to have software like this to "import" the raw, unedited video file clips that come off the digital camera. After you import the video clips, then you can make any number of editing decisions on how to splice em up, connect them, add titles, sound effects, beginning and ending credits, in order to turn the raw video clips into a true move file. Then you save that movie project to a project folder. Then you burn the movie project to a DVD-MOVIE format (and there are several quality levels to choose from), And that's when you select the DVD Device as the drive to use to burn a true DVD MOVIE DISK. When its finished, then you can take that, pop it into any home enterntainment system DVD drive, and watch it on TV.

    Now, Windows XP Pro (usually) comes loaded with a DVD MOVIE MAKING SOFTWARE, called "Windows Movie Maker". If you are running XP Pro, check the Programs List to see if you have that application. If you do, you can use it to turn your set of raw video files into a DVD movie.

    Or, you can purchase some software called Pinnacle Studio Plus ver 11, and that is some very hi quality movie making software. It will give you all the power you need to make home movies and burn them to DVD MOVIE DISKS that you can then watch on TV. They sell this software at places like Best Buy, Circuit City, and other technology retailers. It is not cheap, but it is definitely hi-quality and full featured. I have used it to take raw video clips, and even picture files, from my digital camera, and turn them into both DVD movies and short videos for upload to You-Tube.

    ANOTHER WAY to accomplish the same thing, is to buy something called a "DAZZLE" interface. This is a gadget that you plug into the computer's USB port. And yes, you do have to install the software that comes with it (also made by Pinnacle). You plug your digital camera into one side of the DAZZLE Unit, using the Audio/Video cable that came with the camera. You plug the other line of the Dazzle to the computer. Then you launch the movie capture software that came with the Dazzle, so that its sitting there, on the screen, ready to capture your video feed. Then, on the Digital Camera, you start it running to VIEW the movie clip you have already taken. While the camera is running the movie clip, the Dazzle Unit is converting the A/V stream to a digitized bitstream and uploading it to the computer. And the movie making software that comes with Dazzle is capturing that video feed and importing it (audio and video) in real time. In this way, you can "capture" as many video clips as you want, and import each one into the on-screen session of the Dazzle movie making software. And then you can commence to making your movie. Or, you can turn back around and select the burn option to burn a DVD MOVIE DISK, which then converts the raw video imports into the format necessary for a DVD MOVIE. They sell these Dazzle Units at places like Best Buy, Circuit City, or any other good technology outlet.
  6. Wow! This thread is akin to sewing a shirt on a button :)

    (1) You need a CD/DVD burner, which can be purchased for as little as $35 (internal mount).

    (2) You need software to burn a DVD-ROM - file to file copies, read like a disk drive. (I recommend NERO Suite 8, but there are others.)

    (3) You need sufficient hard drive space to hold all the image files in a batch, with room to spare.

    Copy the image files to the hard drive (the card is not fast enough to keep up with a disc burn). Then assemble the image files in your burning software. Then burn the CD/DVD as an ISO ROM in the disc-at-once mode and finalize the disc when you're done. Be sure to verify the files on the disc against the files on the hard drive.

    It's possible to record a slide show/move on a DVD that will play on a set top DVD player with your TV. This is an advanced topic, so get the basics down first.. Backups and archived images are best done as file copies.

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