Titanium body camera is not scratch proof

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  1. I thought titanium body camera is tough and scratch proof
    Until I got a silver color Contax T rangefinder, it has clear
    marks of scratch of the camera cover.

    Now I have to find leather cases or half cases for my titanium Contax T silver, Contax T black, Contax T2,and Contax S2.

    There are plenty T2 and S2 cases and half case, but Contax T case is hard to find.
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  2. Titanium's advantages over steel and aluminum are corrosion resistance and strength-to-weight ratio. It allows for lighter camera bodies without sacrificing tensile strength, though I'm not sure if any manufacturer used enough of it to be noticeably lighter, but it does not offer greater scratch resistance.
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  3. Back in the early 2000s, Apple made a big deal out of their Titanium PowerBooks. They're covered in a think skin of titanium and have titanium palm rests -the attraction at the time was both the appearance and feel.

    In 2003, Apple started phasing titanium out in favor of aluminum, a material they continue using today.

    The Titanium PowerBooks(TiBooks in Apple-speak) are often found scratched to heck and dented these days. The aluminum ones continue to fare much better.
  4. It’s for the ‘wow’ factor. Ooooh, it’s made of titanium. Like bikes. Hey my titanium bike is two pounds lighter than my ali one! And the pastie I ate before I got on it was three pounds!
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    By what I've seen, the Contax T's are usually found with their fair share of dings. The metal covers must be pretty thin, I think.

    The Contax T manual does not seem to mention the use of titanium. It only says that "a unique processing technique has been used to give the body surface an elegant finish."
  6. Point taken. Titanium alloys, though, vary quite a bit in hardness, and apparently working & polishing can make the surface harder. Should we just use 9 ct gold?
  7. Pure aluminum is pretty soft, but alloys not so soft.

    Both Al and Ti have a protective oxide coating, and can be anodized for a thicker oxide.

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