Tips on close up with Minox

Discussion in 'Minox' started by mtc photography, Aug 5, 1999.

  1. The close focus distance of Minox 8x11mm = 20 cm or 8"
    Use your hand as measuing stick: spread your palm, the distance between tip tip of thumb to tip of small finger is approximately 8".
    Use you Minox as measuring stick:
    • Minox B is 4" long, the closest distance 8" is two Minox B long.
      • Close in on the object, until the short end of the field ie. 'width' in width x length is one Minox B .
      • I find that using my hand to measure the field width then set the focusing dial to 2 times field width is easier then measuring the vertical distance between camera and object.
        Close the fingers, the width of palm is about 4". Look through viewfinder if field width is a palm , than set focusing dial to 8"
        One hand holding Minox, place the the other hand near the object. If field width equals to the distance between index finger and small finger spread out( 6") set focusing dial to 1'
        If field width is thumb to small finger wide(8"), set focusing dial to 16", that is two thirds between 1' and 1'6"
        8x11mm frame is width x length, not width x height, as height is orientation dependent, not applicable

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