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  1. Hello my very helpful pros,
    I have been growing my wedding photo business now for the past 3 years, and I can very much say that when people tell you to stick with something, it will be good, ... listen to them. I swear I can't believe how much I have improved my craft, image, presentation, and professionalism. Just keep going at it, got no where to go but up. Check it out!
    My question is about the lead generating site called Thumbtack. I know, I know ... this and others are not the places to get "real" quality leads .... but this is my question...
    Because of my small footprint in the business, I don't have much word of mouth yet, ... and because, maybe more importantly, I am not the extroverted, chippy, happy go lucky person that goes a long way in booking weddings .... can I right now invest some risky money to get a return?
    In the last month, I thought to myself and said "You gave Thumbtack $20 a month for 6 months, you got 2 $700 package bookings ..... hmmmmm, time to INVEST MORE". Last month, I took the risk, and spent $100, and got 2 $1000 bookings within a week.
    My thinking is, at least money wise, will this suffice UNTIL I can get better at the other things?....(Bridal shows, word of mouth, referrals, etc.)
    Or, is this stupid? Wrong? Counter? Anything? .... I know this is maybe lazy, but for now, ... it's just seems to make sense. If I spend more, get more ... kind of approach.
    Let me know, I really want to start booking at least 3 a month, and yes, quality leads that understand more of what they want.
    Thanks everyone!

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