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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by john_watson, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. I have often thought about a Leica, but concerned about the cost
    I ran across a Leica " bundle"--sold only as a whole
    R-3 Mot Electronic w/winder and grip
    R-4 w/ winder and grip

    Lenses are all in exellent condition--all glass is perfect-aperatures are perfect.
    the uv filters are all german B&W(brand)
    Leitz 28mm/F2.8 Elmarit (German) w/ uv Filter
    Leitz 35mm /F2.8 Elmarit (German) w/ uv Filter
    Leitz 90mm /F2.8 Elmarit (German) w/ uv Filter
    Leitz 135mm / F2.8 Elmarit (German) w/ uv Filter
    What do you think of this collection?
    Any idea of value and what might be a fair price?
    Thanks in advance and forgive my ignorance
  2. What are they asking?
  3. Leica R cameras in general are valued much less than Leica M. The R3 was a joint venture with Minolta and is regarded by some as not a "real" Leica. I have 3 of them - they were all cosmetically mint but need the rear door seal replaced and a general CLA (cleaning. lubrication and adjustment). If an R3 has not been serviced for some time, the meter is likely to be inaccurate (needs to have an internal contact ring cleaned). The plus points of the R3 are good build quality and a quiet low-vibration mirror action - otherwise it's a run-of-the-mill 70s SLR. The early R4 models had electronic bugs. See here:
    The lenses are all worth having, the 35 Summicron is nicer than the Elmarit but heavier. As to value, check e-bay. As I said, the cameras are virtually certain to need servicing - very roughly, US$1100 would be a good bargain, my personal top would be US$1500. I am sure if you buy these cameras, you won't be sorry, it's just that there are a lot of them around.
  4. I have the Leicaflex SL with 50 Summicron and 90 Elmarit. Wonderful camera. These are two cam lenses and fit Fotodiox adapters (less than $30) which in turn fit my Olympus Evolt 500 with 2x crop factor. So my lenses live on in the kingdoms of film and digital.
  5. Maybe $1300 to $1700 if the lenses are 3 cam and the cameras are in good shape and working. That is a ball park figure. You can check, KEH, and Ebay also. is a good price guide source for the different versions of the lens. KEH is not selling alot of R gear so items they have may not fit the condition of the cameras you are looking at. Completed transactions on Ebay might be a good guide for the cameras.
  6. Some additional thoughts. Bundles like this should involve less money than the value of the individual items. On the other hand some time you get items you don't really want. Do you really want the 35 when you get the 28. Do you really want the 135 when you get the 90. My little dream outfit for the Leica R system is the 28mm(latest but not ROM version) and the 90mm Elmarit or Summicron. I have never owned the R3 but I do remember it is a bit heavy. You may be able to get one off Ebay for less than $200. I think I got my 90mm elmarit for a little over $300. The earlier version of the 28mm might be available for $300 to $400.
  7. Yes, what are they asking for the group, John?
    Are these the focal lengths you are looking for, or are you just contemplating buying the whole set because of a great discount over the individual going prices of the lenses?
    If you are getting a fabulous deal by purchasing the set, by all means go for it. Any lenses you decide to part with will help to defer the cost of the remainder, making the deal even sweeter.
    I have rationalized similar purchases with this strategy in mind, but I'm such a pack rat, I never seem to be able to part with any of the lot. ;-)
    Please tell us what the seller's asking price is. Maybe then we can be of more help in solving your dilemma.
  8. Thank you all. I think I'll pass. Asking price is $1600 --but "highly negotiable"... and must be bought as a bundle. If anyone is interested, glad to provide contact information
  9. If the stuff is good condition and if this is not a scam, it is a very good deal.
  10. What is missing from the "bundle" to make it complete is either the f2.0 Summicron or the f1.4 Summilux, either of which would add to the cost of the package. If this "bundle" would be your only SLR, I'd haggle down from the $1,600 so I'd have $200-300+ for the f 2.0 Summicron. If you already have a Leicaflex with the f 2.0 Summicron this bundle really makes sense for the price.
  11. How about an R4, R winder, 400 1:6.8 Telyt, Universal Shoulder grip & cable release for $750?
  12. Id take the 35mm for my R6.2 and he can keep the rest of the bundle.

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