The World's Ten Greatest Photographers

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  1. Popular Photography magazine had this article in their May 1958 issue.

    Top 10 1 sm 2
  2. Here they discuss the EVS(Exposure Value System).

    EVS 1 sm 2
  3. Here Is Modern Photography's 35mm column.

    35mm 1 sm 2
  4. Here is the What's Ahead column.

    WA 1 sm 2
  5. Here are this month's Modern Tests.

    MT 1 sm 2
  6. Here are this month's camera equipment ads.

    Agfa 1 sm 2
  7. Very timely :)
  8. Thanks for posting these, Marc.

    A great article on the ten photographers and their work techniques. However controversial the choice, it is an interesting review. HP3 was a really popular film at the time!

    I learned that electronic flash was called "speedlight" (well, it is now used for speed limit cameras, isn't it?). The EVS piece was also interesting - liked that comment, "confuses the beginner and annoys the expert". The beginner's problem would only get solved by autoexposure and TTL metering some years later.

    The Rollei and medium-format folders articles should be interesting for collectors and users. That list of Rollei accesories looks like a good challenge!

    I am not into LF but it seems that the Graflex Super Graphic did a big splash. So many classics in those ads!
  9. Super super indeed!

  10. The first adjustable camera I had, a Sawyer's Mark IV (a relabeled Topcon mini TLR), had shutter and aperture cross coupled, and it was a very elegant design. The EV nuber was on top, so you could simply set the controls to get a given EV and the move either lever to go through the equivalent combinations, or you could set the aperture and shutter speed to specific values, but they would be coupled so once done you could go through the equivalent combinations. Once used to it, it worked very nicely and quickly, and the EV numbers were easy to read.

    The Contaflex had cross coupling too, but it was clumsy and hard to work. The Sawyer was nicely implemented.
  11. These postings are always a joy—thank you, Marc!
  12. Great series, Marc. Thanks.

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