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  1. Hello again.
    As detailed in my post about Catlab 80, I am also testing what to replace my UFX materials with as I see that vendor "seemingly" closing down supply lines into a product I have used over the last 5 years or so.
    Details on the Catlab 80 material remain the same from the post. It will replace any Pan F 50 stocks.
    I did a number of test (2x each emulsion) on the Arista.EDU films and here are some of my observations.
    EDU 100: 120 size. Multi emulsion defects (voids, tares, and worst of all "Cottage Cheese" thru out the entire emulsions. Totally unworkable. Moderate film curling.
    135.xx material: "Manageable" small hole defects (black dots).
    EDU 200: Both sizes show some very small holes, but it was necessary to enlarge the 120 negs well past 30x30. Excellent sharpness in both formats. 160asa speed both sizes with my Pyro staining developers. (Pyrocat HDC or Hypercat)
    EDU 400: 120 size: 2k20-073-003 ces13 x bc bm-horz.jpg -006 ces13 ce-horz.jpg 2k20-075-006 c 4x5 r-horz.jpg 2k20-076-012 c ces13 bc-horz.jpg 2k20-077-002 ces5 bc bm 4x6 edu400-horz.jpg 2k20-079-003 ces13 EDU 400-120 r999-horz x.jpg 2k20-079-003 ces13 EDU 400-120 r999-horz.jpg DSCF0056-bc-horz.jpg Excessive "Cottage Cheese" emulsion defects render any print larger that 8x8 with a strange look.
    135.xx material: Almost defect free but a bit more on the grainy side than the current UFX400 material
    Final thoughts; The 120 EDU products in 100 speed has excessive problems in 120 and 35mm and will be omitted from further consideration in future work. The 135-xx, 400 material can be managed, so it will replace the 135-xx UFX film when needed.
    The EDU 200 materials, both sizes, will become "standards" for future work, as all tests yield a true asa rating of 160 with my meters.
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  2. Sorry about the dupes. The first two pictures are of the EDU 100 material.
  3. Thanks for your efforts and conclusions, Bill. I agree that the Arista 200 ISO emulsion is far and away the best of the bunch, though my experiences with the 120 size haven't been as favourable as yours. But then, the next batch may be quite different...
  4. Bill, Rick. If, indeed, Arista is rebranded Fomapan, can one assume that these comments apply equally to the equivalent Fomapans?
  5. IMHO, Yes. I will re-run my tests every 6 months as the EDU product line replaces my UFX stock. That will be a good time to see if FOMA is different. Aloha, Bill
  6. Although it is unlikely that I will do this, I really appreciate the work you've done on this. is well-served by such efforts and reports.
  7. Comon JD. . .your famous water towers would really be kool with the 200 material !!!!
  8. "both famous and infamous" Young Frankenstein
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