The Rex Reflex - Interchangeable Lens TLR from France

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  1. Modern Photography, in their August 1952 issue, had an article on this innovative camera. Unfortunately the company ceased operations shortly thereafter. From McKeown's:

  2. Here is an article that suggests using a filter to improve your photographs.

  3. This month's Behind the Scenes column looks at the 1952 Photokina show.

  4. Here is this month's What's Ahead column.

  5. Let's switch over to Popular Photography magazine. Here is an article on the relationships between lens stops and shutter speeds.

  6. Here is another article on the new 70mm Combat camera.

  7. The Tools and Techniques column looks at the Rex Reflex camera. They also get answers to questions about the Rolleiflex Schneider Xenar and Zeiss Tessar lenses.

  8. Here are this month's camera equipment ads.

  9. Here are this month's dealer ads.

  10. Another great look back. The Rex Reflex was interesting. Still a few years before the Mamiyaflex. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Marc, thanks again for posting these. Please keep them coming!

    The Rex was a nice try, and those Angenieux optics must have been something. Keppler's "rather slow-moving field of camera design" was about to change. Nikkor lenses were already advertised.

    The Beken article is a gem for those of us who like photographing boats and seascapes. It is all LF, of course, he declares a preference for glass plates, but just look at that 1894 picture. And to think that he released the shutter by biting!

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