The Pandemic has Rekindled my Interest in Photography

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  1. Hello Guys,

    I am new in this forum. Thank you very much for allowing me to join. I am a photographie oldie and I used to be very active in photography forums until I got too busy with my career and the allure of facebook was just too much.

    I intend to be active in photography again and in the forums . Initially I was thinking of upgrading my 10 year old APS-C photogear with a FF Mirrorless camera but I realized that I have gotten older and I usually leave the heavy stuff at home, also I have never printed anything larger than an A3+ (13"x19") for the last 10 years.

    So I decided to take the lighter route. I have decided to go mobile photography. I think they are better for my needs. In the next few weeks I will be posting some of my pictures. Thank you, :)
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  2. Welcome to the forum, John!

    Great to have another mobile photographer on the forum. I too have started to use my mobile much more often in my photography. I'm still learning to use my mobile camera more creatively in 'manual mode' and how to more editing/post-processing using mobile phone apps.

    Looking forward to seeing your photos.


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  3. Thank you MikeMorrel for the warm welcome. :)

    Actually I'm excited again to take photos probably because of "New" Gear. This time I will try shooting with a mobile phone, Photos that i used to shoot with a regular DSLR. I am also looking forward to see your photos soon MikeMorrel.
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  4. Welcome!

    I'm not doing much photography. Once virus hit it killed off my work in NYC. But I have been working with archival material. So have just switched gears.
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  5. Welcome John. What's mobile photography? Do you mean cellphone?
  6. Thank you invisibleflash. :)

  7. Yes AlanKlein, thank you for the welcome. I need to upgrade my gear. My Camera is more than 12 years old. For a few months I have been deciding if I would:

    1. Go the FF DSLR Route
    2. Go the FF Mirrorless Route
    3. Maintain my APS-C Lenses and buy a newer APS-C DSLR
    4. Go the cellphone route.

    Since I always have a problem bring all my gears. I find them to heavy and I am not growing any younger. I decided to try the cellphone route. If it does not work out then I will consider other options as well. :)
    This weekend I have asked a model friend to pose for me. I will be my Huwei P30 and I will borrow my wife's iPhone 11 pro. I will post the pictures by next week. I will see if the cellphone is suitable for my needs.
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  8. Welcome.

    It's a great site... if you're tough enough ;)
  9. hopefully I will make it JDMvW. :)
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  10. I use a 1" sensor P&S Sony RX100 that fits in my pocket. It gives me 4K videos as well as 20mb stills. I make slideshows for showing on my 75" UHDTV that's superb. I'm 75 and not going to travel with a heavy camera anymore. The RX100 is expensive. Canon makes something similar that's cheaper.

    I use a cellphone when I just move around without a camera. But I find it difficult to handle, ergonomically crippled, impossible to see the screen in sunlight. Nighttime shots are terribly noisy when blowing up. The Sony has a eye viewfinder, especially useful in bright sun, as well as a screen and a telephoto, the new version from 24-200mm equivalent. Yet it fits in your shirt pocket. Very convenient. The pictures and video is superb.
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  11. HI @JDMvW,

    Personally, I think that your 'welcome' message on this thread was unnecessarily critical of PN. I've always found all PN members to be very friendly, helpful and supportive. I've never ever felt any need to be 'tough' in my years at PN. In fact, my experience has been the exact opposite: on PN it's OK to be unsure and uncertain and ask for help and advice. My personal experience has been that this has been freely and generously given by other members, including those who have way more knowledge and experience than I do. This - for me - is one of the the very best qualities of PN.

    It occurs to me that members need only be 'tough' if they feel the need to argue and defend their own personal views/opinions rather than just graciously accepting, valuing and learning from (or not) the often different views/opinions of other members.

    Your 'welcome' response doesn't t.b.h seem at all 'welcoming' to me. Your subtext is 'yes, but be prepared for ...' without giving any indication of what you mean by this. IHMO your comment is 'dissing' PN to new members without offering any examples or evidence why your "... if you're tough enough' comment might in any way way be relevant or applicable to any new members.

    OK , it should be clear by now that I think you do other PN members a great disservice in 'welcoming' new members in the way that you did. Whatever your own experience and opinions regarding the relative strengths and weaknesses Whatever their experience of PN might be, I strongly suggest that we should not prejudice this with our own personal experience/views/opinions.

    I just wanted to post a 'push-back' to your post. Should you want to continue a discussion on our differing opinions, I strongly suggest you start a new thread rather than hi-jacking the OP's thread for this.

    With continued respect for your expertise and your positive contributions to PN (from which which I've learned),


    /QUOTE] It's a great site... if you're tough enough ;)[/QUOTE]
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  12. It was a joke -- a quote from the movie Men in Black

    Note the wink icon, ferchrissake. Johnfantastic seems to have got it.

    As the Joker said, "Why so serious?"
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  13. I just made my first mobile photography photo shoot today using my Huawei P30 and my wife's iPhone 11 Pro and 3 CPFlash 550W Off camera flash. I think it went okay considering that I am still learning how to fully operate my smartphone and the OCF gears. What a great convenience smartphone photography can be. I think with my photography style and interest, I can do 95% of my photography with my Smartphone. My DSLR will be relegated to special purpose photography, such as sports and wildlife . :)

    This was taken in broad daylight. Exposure was 1/250 Sec. ISO200 F1.6. I underexposed my shot by up to 3 stops to darken the background. 3 CPFlash 550W was used to take this shot. :)I did slight editing in photoshop using burning and dodging only.

    lores A030.jpg
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