The New AIC Alfred Stieglitz Collection On-line

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  1. Dear Friends:
    The Departments of Photography and Digital Experience at the Art
    Institute of Chicago are delighted to announce a new website focused
    on the museum's Alfred Stieglitz photography collection. This new
    interactive collection focus brings to the public high-quality
    reproductions of all 244 photographs in the Stieglitz Collection: 159
    by Stieglitz himself, and others by Ansel Adams, Paul Strand, Edward
    Steichen, and many others in his circle. It contains in-depth
    information assembled by conservators, curators, and other

    Among its features are:
    - new conservation analysis on each work, with 44 receiving in-depth
    - over 900 images, including new object photography, contextual images,
    and photomicrographs
    - a scholarly essay about the collection's history and entry into the
    Art Institute
    - essays on the twenty-one artists featured in its holdings
    - historical entries on the three galleries Stieglitz ran, and the two
    journals he edited
    - explanations of twelve separate photographic processes
    - context for nine different series within Stieglitz’s own photography
    - seven thematic essays linking the works
    - high-quality image downloads, and a downloadable PDF with information
    on each object
    You can sort, filter, download, explore, and share. Please take a
    minute to play with it, and pass it along to your friends and
  2. Thank you! I discovered a smorgasbord of treasures.

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