The most beautiful places in the world?

Discussion in 'Nature' started by min_wong|1, Feb 1, 2005.

  1. Can you list 5 places you think are the most beautiful in the world
    for photography? From number 1 to number 5.
    Let's share our view.
  2. Just one from me - Urdokas on the Baltoro Glacier, looking at the Trango Towers under a full moon. Sorry for the crappy scanning - I'm not a digital guy.
  3. stemked

    stemked Moderator

    As I have not seen much nature beyond North America I'd simply list my only location, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada.
  4. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Moderator

    My favorite place is Antarctica.
  5. There are countless; I wouldn't even know where to begin. I will say that if you have a macro lens, you can start with your backyard.
  6. Of the places I've actually seen with my own eyes:

    1. Masai Mara/Serengeti (Kenya/Tanzania)

    2. Zion National Park (USA)

    3. Cape Town/Cape Point (South Africa)

    After that we get into stuff that I either don't remember very well because it was a long time ago, or isn't nature photography (i.e. urban). We'll see where Costa Rica comes in that list in just under a month. ;)
  7. Not necessarily in order (they are different so ranking is somewhat subjective) and again, only places I've been or recall well enough to include.

    1. California coast from just south of Morro Bay (Montana de Oro) to Monterey - this would include "Big Sur," Point Lobos, etc. Included because of it's diversity of features, besides land and oceanscapes, you have very diverse plant and animal life.

    2. Yosemite, especially the valley. There are other high mountain areas but nothing I've seen compares to the valley.

    3. Grand Tetons (speaking of other mountain areas). I'll lump Yellowstone in here.

    4. Oregon. Again, wonderfully diverse, from Crater Lake and the Cascade volcanoes, to the Columbia River Gorge, even the high desert plateaus and canyons.

    5. The desert southwest (running out of spaces before I run out of places: Again, highly diverse, Zion, Grand Canyon, Oak Creek Canyon, how do you choose?

    Honorable mentions: Hong Kong from the top of the Peak Tram at sunset. San Francisco.
  8. This threat threatens to turn into a brag parade for exotic locations we've all been to. With that in mind, here's mine. 1. New Zealand. Every time I visit it surprises me with another angle on its beauty. And the air is relatively haze free, which makes landscapes a joy. 2. Madagascar. It's got everything: landscapes, people, wildlife. 3. New York. Because I hate shooting in cities. New York makes it easy. Three's enough, I'd have a hard time picking another two standouts from among the many gorgeous places I've been lucky to go.
  9. The Himalayas.

    A personal man-made favourite though, the ruins of the 2000 years old university of Nalanda in northern India. Yes, somehow I find the burnt red brick ruins stunningly beautiful. Maybe back then nature did not stand in such stark opposition to 'culture'.

  10. Just for fun, my most beautiful places to explore underwater, in
    no particular order:
    1) British Columbia (damn cold, but awesome marine life)
    2) Channel Islands of California (nothing quite like kelp forests
    on a sunny day)
    3) Fiji (coral reefs and lovely islands--what's not to like?)
    4) Grand Bahama Bank (wild friendly dolphins)
    5) Poor Knights Islands, New Zealand (haven't been there yet,
    but top on my list of places left to go)

    Oh, and about 10 other places that would be only slightly less
    amazing... :>)
  11. Three men were on their way to heaven, but first had to talk to Saint Peter before entering the pearly gates.

    Peter asked the first man where he was from, and the man replied "New York". Peter remarked "you will love it here, go on and enter into the kingdom of heaven".

    The second man approached Peter, and Peter asked him where he was from. The second man responded "I'm from Berlin". Peter again remarked "you will love it here, go on and enter into the kingdom of heaven".

    The third man approached Peter, and Peter asked him where he was from. This third man answered "I'm from Jasper". Peter explained "oh dear, I'm afraid you will be somewhat disappointed".

    This isn't an exact re-wording of the original joke. But it was made by Sir Arther Conan Doyle sometime in the 1920's I believe. :)
  12. The question assumes that some reader out there has actually seen ALL the beautiful spots in the world to make the comparison.

    It further assumes that you can somehow rate the comparative beauty of different kinds of things. Are trees prettier than rocks? Are tulips prettier than rainbows?

    It further assumes that the beauty one saw at a place is the way it is all the time. But photographing rainbows or sunsets or tropical fish involves scenes that vary tremendously in their beauty in just a few minutes of time.

    In short, the question doesn't have a lot of meaning.
  13. How about this one? From by Kenneth So.
  14. Somewhere nice by Kenneth So from Pbase.
  15. Min only asked for what we think are the most beautiful places, so just state your opinion.

    One place I'll list, in agreement with another poster, is Big Sur, California.
  16. looking at my vacation plans for the year, I'm hoping Acadia NP in June is on the list...
  17. Having emigrated to New Zealand 8 years ago I will have to have it in my top five. However I still dream of Snowdonia (North Wales) and the Isle of Skye (Scotland).
  18. Norway and Iceland come to mind. Hard to choose anything specific within really.
  19. Skeleton Gulch, I think it's called, and the Lion Lakes, when the flowers were blooming. The top of Mt. Lady Washington when the snow was avalanching off Longs Peak. And the top of Mt. Richtoven when the clouds were blowing in. And the first view through the Keyhole. And the Taco Bell drive-through window after about 12 hours of hiking. Rocky Mountain National Park area, FYI.
  20. ky2


    There are no ugly places in this world. Only not enough vodka.
  21. The next 5 places I am going to - that is why I am going !
  22. Ruby Mts. NE Nevada, Western China, East side of the Sierra Nevada Range, New Zealand.
  23. [​IMG]

    Juneau, Alaska
  24. When I was in elementary school, our happiest days were when our classroom would be assigned, as a substitute teacher, a dear old lady who was the daughter of a missionary and who had been to exotic places all around the world. She would bring in memorabilia, pictures, and amazing tales. I never wanted those school days to end.

    She said: "The vale of Kashmir is the most beautiful place in the world." Though it was almost 50 years ago, I've never forgotten it. And I would bet she was right. It's one place I have to see.
  25. Alaska: majestic mountains, expansive lanscape, bears of all kind.
    Australia: variety of climate and geography, Great Barrier Reef
    Africa: animals of all sizes, diversity of cultures and traditions
    Western part of the US: Yellowstone, Teton, Glacier, Zion, Olympic
    Anywhere else you call home.
  26. These are not listed in order.

    1) Port Campbell national Park (12 Apostles), Australia

    2) Bryce Canyon national park, USA

    3) Fox Glacier, New Zealand

    4) Kyoto/ Nara, Japan

    5) Trincomalee, Sri Lanka

    Definitely Antarctica would be the best of all for me from what I have heard. I met a station leader at Macquarie island (Sub Antarctic Island) last year. I haven't been there as yet but definitely will be some stage!!!!
  27. Taj Mahal as the sun rises
  28. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. One of my favorite TV commercials was the one for Fuji film which showed several great photos being taken in a simple wet parking lot.

    Having said that there is no place better than SW British Columbia. There is everything from marine life and wild, wind swept coasts to high peaks surrounded by ice caps. Also every moderate temperature climate from rain forest to semi-desert.

    Of course since I live there I may be just a bit biased!
  29. jws


    Not necessarily in order, but some of the places that have most impressed me over the years...<br>
    - Yosemite NP<br>
    - Zion NP<br>
    - South Island, New Zealand<br>
    - Great Barrier Reef, Australia<br>
    - Angkor Wat, Cambodia<br>
    - Cape Town, South Africa<br>
    - Okavango Delta, Botswana<br>
    - Lake Como, Italy<br>
    - The view from my hotel room in Ravello, Italy (Amalfi coast)<br>
    - Santorini Island, Greece<br>
    I would probably pick Yosemite as really the most beautiful, but I would put the Okavango Delta as the place I would most like to return to...
  30. Craggy Dome on the Blue Ridge parkway in June is about as good as it gets.

    Jason T
  31. Assuming you mean the most beautiful for NATURE photography:
    1) South America
    2) North America
    3)Africa (including Madagascar)
    4) Asia
    5) Australia (including New Guinea).
    The order of the last 3 depends on what you like to shoot - wildlife vs. landscapes. But South America has everything.
    On the other hand, if you want to include people and human culture, I'd put Asia at the top, maybe add Europe and drop Australia or North America. Anyway, they're all pretty beautiful.
    Karl Lehmann Lost World Arts
  32. For nature photography, though not necessarily wilderness:
    1. South West Tasmania
    2. All high country in South Island, New Zealand
    3. Zanskar in India
    4. Kerala and Goa States, India
    5. Patagonia
    See it while it warming is a serious threat to many of the places we have collectively cited...
  33. Not in particular order:

    Dallas Divide, Colorado at peak aspen color in the fall

    Snake River overlook at Grand Tetons at sunrise

    Dolomites, Italy

    Lauterbrunen Valley, Switzerland

    Grand Canyon during a spring thunder storm
  34. How about 30 min. from your doorstep? Remember what John Shaw said: "Photography is more time dependent than place dependent." (May not be word-for-word exact, but the essence is correct). This is really one of the best pieces of photographic advice I've ever received!
  35. I seriously doubt there are more than just a few rich forum members that have the actual experience to answer such a question. Our planet is far too huge and one only just has so much time in a lifetime to explore and visit. Even if one is so lucky rich one never needs to work haha. On the other hand many might provide names of places they've seen in books, movies, or pictures, but that isn't something of much value versus actual experiences. There are many well acclaimed scenic locations that are not so easily captured on film. If you start another thread limiting the scope to single continents, particularly North America, you are much more likely to get useful answers.
  36. I think it's more likely that someone has seen the world because he or she has travelled for work, than travelled for leisure.
  37. I can't resist...

    In no particular order, these are the most beautiful places that I have seen:

    -Lanikai Beach on Oahu
    -British Columbia and Alberta (home!)
    -The countryside south of London, England
  38. I'm not quite prepared to say it's the "most beautiful," but I'd say Olympic National Park in Washington is the most amazing, the richest. Literally within a few minutes drive you can see gorgeous temperate rain forests, wild and rocky beaches and alpine mountain scenery.
  39. Huangshan (The Yellow Mountain) and Guilin in China.
    Hong Kong harbor at night.
    New England in autumn.
    Swiss Alps
    Honorable mentions: Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Banff & Jasper National Park&#65292;Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa, Paris ...
  40. david_henderson


    These are the most photogenic places I have personally photographed in no particular order. Like others I don't think you can tell until you've been yourself.

    San Juan Mountains,Colorado in fall; The Oregon Coast; The Highlands of Scotland; the west coast of Ireland from Galway to Donegal;

    If it wasn't the Nature forum and I therefore had more options, I may well choose the following instead.

    The "Crete" area of southern Tuscany; New York; Trinidad in Cuba; Venice; Villages of Yucatan, Mexico.
  41. 1. Norway.
    2. More Norway
    3-5(10). Anything else
  42. MTC  Photography

    MTC Photography Moderator

    My top five
    • Huangshan
    • Yangshuo
    • Santorini
    • West Lake
    • Lake Louise, Alberta
  43. I don't know how I missed this thread last year. It's great. I would like to mention two places no-one has said so far.

    For landscapes, I have to say the most beautiful place I have seen was the Na Pali Coast on Kauai. Unfortunately, the one time I was there, my camera took a swim at a nude beach ;-) (long story) so I came away with almost no photos.

    For wildlife, I have to say the Galapagos Islands, the most exotic locale I have ever been.

    For a reasonable combination of both, the only two places I can think of at the moment are Yellowstone and Costa Rica, even though I came away from Costa Rica without tons of great photos. I just loved the place, as I did Yellowstone.
  44. In no particular order,

    1. Southcentral Alaska, Kenai Fjords National Park. An icefield that will transport you to the ice age after a walk along a glacier upon alpine treasures like roseroot and Kamchatka rockcress.

    2. New Hampshire's White Mountains, particularly the presidential range, where bright white quartz peeps up through densely green moss and cairns are mottled with iridescent lichens.

    3. Mount Kenya. The gothic, rocky buttresses of this mountain slice through the atmosphere, the slopes are steep and vertiginous, and the flora are from another world.

    4. Peru. This is a beautiful country, with the Inca's exquisite masonry, deep chasms, lush cloud forests, Lake Titicaca -- the inkwell of all blue -- and a variety of cultural aesthetics that fit perfectly with the sublime environment.

    5. The Hudson River Valley. With it's golden-feathered grass, autumnal foliage, deeply-weathered, ancient mountains, and mighty river, I never tire of its awesome presence in the world.

    (I also loved Kauai, Montana, Wyoming, Tanzania, Costa Rica, Vermont, The Finger Lakes, and the Yucatan.
  45. Min Wong where is this place????
    You posted:
    Min Wong, Feb 02, 2005; 04:40 a.m.

    Can you list 5 places you think are the most beautiful in the world for photography? From number 1 to number 5. Let's share our view.

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    please email me
  46. I liked Jasper National Park so much, I created a website about it: Jasper National Park Journal. Vancouver, BC, Canada, New York City and Barcelona, Spain all have a certain beauty to them, a different kind of beauty compared to the other places everyone mentioned.
  47. Hello Min,
    If you list the MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE IN THE WORLD then surely Nainital is one of them.
    "Nainital" is a glittering jewel in the Himalyan necklace , blessed with scenic natural spledour and varied natural resources.

    The Lake District of India ‘ Nainital ‘ is in the State of Uttaranchal, India, Nainital occupies a unique place. Known for its salubrious climate and scenic beauty, the town is a popular health resort and attracts tourists around the year.

    The town is rich in scenic setting, service infrastructure and landscape perspectives where people from other parts of the country and even outside go for stay and excursions around the year.

    Please visit the photo gallery section of Nainital.
    Kind Regards

    Chandan Bisht
  48. 5 of the most beatiful places I have seen:
    Arches National Park
    Zion National Park
    Mt St Helens 3 years after it blew
    The Washington Coast in the La Push area
    The Boundary Waters in northern Minnesota
    There are many others, but this will do for now.
  49. 5 of the most beatiful places I have seen:

    Nainital in India

    Interlaken in Switzerland

    Bangor in Wales (Though whole Wales is beautiful) Scotland is also beautiful but lot of racism there so wont count it.

    Keukenhof Gardens near Amsterdam (Tulip Garden)

    Country Side of England (esp. outskirts of West Midlands and way to Leeds from London)

    Would like to add Republic of Ireland (possibly the most beautiful place in whole Europe) not (Northern Ireland)

    Kind regards

    Chandan Bisht
  50. Banff (Jasper and the Canadian Rockies)
    Southern Utah (Arches to Zion)
    New England Fall Color
    Yellowstone National Park
    Yosemite and the High Sierra
    Of course there are thousands of fantastic places to photograph around the world. These are my favorites.
  51. Taj mahal is the most beautiful place .
  52. From many thousands of beautiful places, my favorites are:
    Bled, Slovenia
    Altiplano, Bolivia
    Death valley, California
    Wadi Rum, Jordan

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