The Konica Brand (of Film)

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  1. At first I thought better of posting this on the L&R forum but the more I thought about it the less it seemed off-topic given the high incidence of 35mm film users here (probably more so than anywhere else on
    When I first started my recent shuffle around Southern India I noticed little stalls selling Kodak and Konica film. The Konica was usually VX100 and my initial thoughts were 'probably old or/and out-of-date stock. As I experienced more towns and cities with modern photo-centres I noticed fresh stocks of Centuria 100, 200 and I think 400. On occasion I bought some 200 to use.
    I would guess that about 90% of India's camera users are still using film (although that is probably changing nearly as fast as it did in the West), so it was no surprise that they (Sony) had kept the brand alive.
    Given the international flavour of the L&R forum I'm wondering what other territories Konica is available in? I'd still like to use their products if I could get hold of them (but I doubt my favourite Centuria 800 is still on the go, hello Fuji!). Johnny.
  2. groovy shot. It looks like enough light for 200 or 400 asa?
  3. You're right Paul, but then there's the rest of the museum!
  4. Not even "Konica Minolta" film, but plain "Konica" film? That's
    surprising indeed.

    It's welcome news, though. I don't quite know why -- as I imagine
    it's rebranded Fuji or rebranded, er, do any other makers of color
    film still exist? -- but it is.

    I like to think I'm not brand conscious but when Konica Minolta
    simply gave up I was curiously despondent and had a strong urge to
    buy a Konica SLR system. The asking prices were so low that I went
    ahead and did just that.

    (I suppose it would be churlish to add that trying to focus a 28/3.5
    lens on a thirty-year-old SLR that only has a microprism and no
    split image is a salutary reminder of the joys of the rangefinder.
    Still, I got a 200mm lens for this camera -- I never use a lens over
    100mm, but this was so cheap that I thought what the hell -- and I
    even used it last week, and focused it right too.)
  5. Funny konica is the most widely available brand of film here in Guatemala. I wonder too.
  6. I have a block of Konica 1600 I got from B&H ages ago. It was something like $1.20/roll, and I mainly bought it to mess around with. It certainly has a lot of grain.
  7. Konica (formerly Konishikoru) dates back from 1873. In 1944, they made the first colour film in Japan. The film was branded Sakura until the late 1970s/early 80s.

    Around Y2K, they offered the current formulation Centuria Super which was branded K-M after the Minolta merger, the best film Konica ever made and very popular in Japan. Sadly, they just stopped selling film on March 31. Dealers are selling old stock now.

    Got myself about 20 rolls when they sold their camera business to Sony last year.
  8. The color paper coating plant, and the film production was NOT sold to Sony, only the
    Consumer Camera division. None-the-less, the current Centuria is probably private
    labeled from another vendor (if not old stock) Possible vendors would be Fuji, Ferrania,
    or Lucky.

    I see another company entirely is now offering what used to be the Minolta light meter
  9. Konica brand film was commonly sold in dollar stores. You would usually find the 200 speed stock. It was nice tuff if it wasn't stored badly. I found the 100 and 200 speed films to be good at box speed. The 400 and 800 speed films never seemed as fast as marked. I shot the 400 at 320 and the 800 at 640 or 500.

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