the curiosest Canon F-1 i have !!!police version

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  1. hi, last week i get the curiosest Canon F-1 version !!!!!!
    a modified Canon F-1n for police radar speed control unit !!!!!!!complete with radar unit and special tripod and flash !!!!
    see pic !!!!!!!
  2. Very cool, I don't think i would have been able to pass on that one myself.
  3. Shake that money-maker!
    There are probably still covert jobs F-1s did that if you told me you'd have to kill me...
  4. Very cool. Does any of it work anymore?
  5. Seems appropriate it has a speedfinder attached.
  6. Don't fry your whatevers with it. I have read that many police officers got testicular cancer from sticking the radar gun down between their legs when they weren't using it.
    Doesn't look like much of a danger with this one though.
  7. Great! What lens did they use with it?
  8. hi it was used built in a civil police car or on the tripod !!!!!!
    i get the original install manual with it !!!!!!
    It was used with 50mm 85mm or 135mm lenses !! variable !!!
    i only missed the connector cables for the radar unit , but i think i get them soon !!!!
    It must be work then !!!!!!
  9. Hi, this is a older Radar speed control unit from " Multanova " called Multanova VR 5F
    they where built by " Uster " Company ( Switzerland )
    It was used from beginning of the 80th till end of 2002!!!
    today the german police used the Multanova 6F with " robot " cameras mostly ( digital )
    2 of these vintage radar control units where shown in the " german museum " in Munich and in the "Police Museum" Wiesbaden ( Germany ) from the police School Frankfurt !!
    as attachment a pic of the control unit with 2 different flashes ( white and red glass )
  10. In few countries it would run out of film in around 5 minutes ;))))
  11. Needs a 250 shot film back in places like that.
  12. I'm guessing it imprints the speed directly on the image, like the databack imprints a date? Have you seen any of the images taken? Firsthand maybe? :)
  13. pictures like this, shot with a Multanova 6F comes out !!!!
  14. This is a fabulous find. Did it come with a vintage police car attached?
  15. sorry , no police car attached !!!!!!!
    only comes with tripod !!!!!!!
  16. Interesting stuff, so did the police officer pull the speeding car over, or did they mail them a copy of the pic with the ticket? I guess this is the precurso to the camera radars we have now at some intersections in Seattle, snaps your pic and flashes if at night...any LEO here can weigh in?
  17. hi, i get a second modified "F-1 Radar" version with 250 bulk film chamber in combination with attached "Radar" photo back ,called: "fotonova".
    It´s like the "multanova" photo back only a little bit modified !!
  18. Where did you got the radar, and what did you paid for it?
    I am a police radar collector (have over 130 radars includes 2 photo radar)
  19. hi,
    here is the newest photo of Canon F-1 radar equipment complete:

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