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  1. This guy was standing in the rain as I walked up the block, as was standing there long after i passed by....a rather eeire moment on a midnight stroll in NYC... I think this was shot with a horrible sigma 28-70 2.8 zoom, on TMAX 3200- one of a set of 4 rolls that performed like TMAX 3200 is suposed to. Must be the air in NYC, i can never get the stuff to behave in more southern climes:)
  2. Nice "mood" Robert - I like it, altough I think you should have come closer to your subject: we don't see that much of him (her?) and that "person" and what he/she is doing intriges me...
  3. Well, one does not want to get too close to people acting even
    the slightest bit off of center past midnight in New York, esp. with
    no one else around:) That being said...i wish had gotten a better
    shot from closer in, but the rain had picked up bu the time i had,
    and I was also not wanting to short the critter out.
  4. I DO understand that. :)
  5. I think the perspective gives this photo a feeling of alienation. The human overwhelmed by the size of the window, the poster and even the television inside. I don't know, but I also think resolution and lenses are sometimes overblown. In this case, I think everything works. Bravo!
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    I'd agree that you are too far away for this shot to be effective. In addition, you have a tonal dropoff in the whole left third that distracts, and some really bright hotspots that detract rather than help. It's definitely a subject worth shooting, though. Here's something similar I did, maybe it points out some of the things that can be done without getting closer.
    Poster, Copyright 2000 Jeff Spirer

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