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  1. Two teams have asked me to do their photos.

    I'm pretty confident that I can pull it off, but I'm looking for suggestions on
    the individual photos side of things...

    Team 1 is a baseball team - I could do the standard batting pose or defensive /
    pitcher pose for the individuals - Any other ideas?

    Team 2 is a swim team - Could do photos by the starting blocks but want to be a
    little creative. Any ideas? (I don't have an underwater rig!)

    Thanks -

  2. first off, buy yourself some 9x12 white boards. have the kids write their names on them and take a picture of them holding it. it helps when you go through your files later to fulfill orders so that you know who is who.

    second - why don't you let the kids choose what they would like to do? Give them the option of the two poses, or bat or glove. I have just done that with the baseball team i shot last night, and it worked out great. Gives them a little control, but needless you say you have the tools to make it look professional. As for the swim team, how about sitting on the edge of the pool with their feet hanging in? just an Idea.
  3. I recently had to do some team and individual shots for a sponsor. I simply told the guys I wanted some outrageous posing and for them to have some fun.

    I think it went pretty well.

    Those shots are here

  4. Im no baseball picture person but i have done and covered swimming for almost 10 years, My first suggestion is there is a number of different poses that work for swimming, one i think looks nice is a shot of the swimmer on the pool ladder, posed as if they were coming out, (dont do that in a deck/dryland suit as it would look odd), if they want the picture in the dryland/deck suit id say a standard pose sitting or standing on/by the starting blocks (BE AWARE OF THE BACKSTROKE FLAGS)... and other stuff in the background.
    if the team wants a collage of all the individual shots as iv have seen at many swim teams, try to have the apparel consistent all swimsuits or all dryland suits. You may need to bring a good lighting rig as most pools have the lighting that is as good as the bottom of a swamp. go get test shots if possible... and if you can or want to find a willing volunteer to test the different poses apparel selections a night or so early so you can have examples to show them and you'll feel more at ease as to not be shooting in the "dark" so to speak. message me if you'd like any more information or even some examples.. (if you have time how about some action shots..)
  5. Baseball
    If you want to make the kids happy during the shoot let them do whatever they want to. If you take this approach add about 50% more time to the shoot. Don't expect as many happy parents when the photos arrive. Why? Extra items such as buttons and key chains do not work well with the "game ready" pose of the bat way up in the air or hands way over the head as if in mid wind-up.
    Conversely, the basic bat in hands "conservative" stance lends itself well to a variety of resale items. Remember, Grandma wants to see junior's face, smile and open eyes. By using the same pose for each kid also protects you from the "why didn't my kid get that pose" argument.

    As for swimming, good luck. Just hope they have warm-ups.

  6. I must agree with a previous post about the "conservative" posed portraits. Posing should be sport related, but not necessarily in true sport form.

    Baseball players may pull their caps way low to shade their eyes from the sun, but mom wants to see the eyes in the photo (also watch shadows from the caps as they will still hide the eyes in photos). A true batter's stance hides the jersey number. Do use bats, balls, and gloves as props, but expect to modify the way they are used to create a better portrait. Remember, football and hockey players wouldn't play without a helmet but wouldn't be photographed with it! Common poses I've used are 3/4 standing ball/glove at belt or bat on far shoulder, FL kneeling, 3/4 standing pose from "Bo Knows" Bo Jackson campaign (I know that few kids photographed know who Bo is, but they've seen the pose somewhere and love it).

    Important information for swimming is indoor or outdoor pool? Indoor pools are horrifically dark and often require extra lighting to brighten water/background. As far as swimming posing, I've use starting blocks, ladders, and diving boards. Remember that sitting in a swimsuit can broaden the thigh an butt and mortify a self-conscious swimmer.
  7. I did the same with Soccer recently and i did the same old Standard poses and then told the kids to do whatever they wanted. They were extatic. they were so happy that they could do whatever they wanted. They couldnt believe it. Then imagin, they are happy, which lead to smiles and them being comfortable and relaxed. The parents got what they wanted, and the kids did too.

    Here's the shots.

    Never mind the first 4, they were playing around before I started.
  8. Im not up on my swimming pics but again, I do a lot of Baseball and Softball. My favorite is to have the kids come halfway out of the dugout leaning against the fence post in a relaxed look with their bat rested on their shoulder. Its not an uptight true baseball stance which is different however, it does not look real good on a button.

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