Tamron 200-500mm / Tokina 150-500mm

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  1. Does anybody who has used either (or both!) of these lenses have any opinions of
    them? I've found a little on the Tokina, but the Tamron I've had a lot of
    trouble finding really anything about, other than specifications. For the
    Tamron, I'm looking at the manual focus adaptall f/5.6 SP version, not the newer
    AF version nor the f/6.9 adaptall version. All I can tell so far is that the
    Tokina is slightly smaller than the Tamron, but I haven't seen any tests or
    significant opinions on the image quality of either lens. Picture samples would
    be really helpful, as well as comparisons that anyone has done to modern lenses.
  2. Hello? Anybody? Are these lenses really that uncommon that no one has used them?
  3. I had the Tamron 200-500/5.6 and picture quality was quite good from a very sturdy tripod. It is a rather long and heavy lens, with rather good close focusing abilities. I later checked various reviews and got thee impreession that both the Tamron and Tokina lens received similar middle of the road marks (I think Chasseur d'Image rated both as a 2-star out of a maximum of 5).

    I sold the lens and replaced it with a Tamron 300/2.8 which is actually lighter and the corresponding 1.4x and 2x converters giving me the possibilities of 420/4 and 600/5.6 lenses. Though I have not made direct comparisons (the zoom was already sold), my impression is that even with the 2x converter, images were better than with the zoom lens. I really had problems with the handling of the zoom lens due to its length and weight. However, if it must be a zoom, my alternative isn't of any help for you.
  4. Thank you for your response.
  5. Tokina back to a Tamron?? Now that is stepping back down a couple of nodges. The idea is to end up with better Lenses and not worse ones.
    As I have learned in the very early stages to research expensive Camera Equipment as I have have with this one > the Tokina at- x 150 -500mm prior to having purchased it.
    I used to have a Tamron 70-200mm. Sold that one quick smart. Optics where average build was crap and dust getting in too easily. Besides that the Lens was way too slow on focusing. Since that experience and difficulties getting Tamron repaired I since shyed away from these Lenses. Most my Lenses are Tokina. You just can't go wrong with them. Solid build, great optics, well designed and most of all they do not cost you a fortune.
    Needless to say I had no issues buying the Tokina AT-X 150 - 500mm. One only needs to check out these images and you would agree that the quality optics can not be argued with.
    Or you could check out the Ken Rockwell report on this > http://www.kenrockwell.com/tokina/150-500mm.htm
    Iwas more tha happy to do away with the fancy Lens Motor drive and VR stuff, pay half the price and end up with better results. > as long as you know how to use such a Lens correctly.
    I own Tokina 11-16mm , 100mm Macro, 10mm Fisheye and a 135 mm f2.8 for my Portraits.
    The only other Lenses I use is a prime f1.f Nikon and a 55-300mm Nikon. as they are pretty good. After all this? I suggest go for the Tokina.

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