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  1. I need a new sinc cord for a double-bayonet outlet...where can I buy
  2. Try Paramount.
  3. OK, I'll bite. What is a "double-bayonet outlet"? Never heard of such a thing. What are you trying to connect to/from?
  4. Some older lenses don't have the "PC" connector which has become the standard for flash synch cords--instead they have two small posts which serve that purpose.
  5. Mike, what you describe sounds more like what is generically called "bipost." I too would like to know what a double-bayonet is.
  6. I bought 50' of PC-hotshoe flash cord from paramount a year ago. It cost me $100. It does the job but its definitaly not worth $100. Its ugly, its cheap and probably worth $20.
    but it maybe your only option

    try they say that they have many flash cords in stock

  7. It does the job but its definitaly not worth $100.
    That is an odd way to describe something that does a job reliably. I would think it would stp being worth what you paid for it as soon as it stops working. Until then I think it is worth every penny you decided to pay. You might resent paying the $100.00 but I think that is a very different matter.
  8. Ellis.. i think it is a very fine statement.

    It fires the flash. In that aspect yes it works (even tho it doesn't work with my nikon sb-25 for some reason, so maybe after all it doesnt work!).
    but when you look at the conectors they look like they were bought from a dollar store. The fit is bad, the look is bad heck it even smells bad!!!

    It works but definitaly not worth $100..

    my 2 cents
  9. Ellis,

    Good statement but there's a difference between "value" and "worth."

    The "worth" is what the dollar cost is and this is based on the cost of the parts that go
    in to make up the item.

    The "value" is what you place on the item when it serves the function it's meant to do.

    One can value an item greatly but deem its worth to be less than what a seller is
    asking for the item.

    Or is this all a matter of semantics? :>)

  10. The idea of 'what it's worth' in an interesting one. When you can buy a funnel or measuring cup in the dollar store for - you guessed it - a dollar and the same stuff is in the photo store for five dollars the idea of 'worth' is a little easier to understand.

    A piece of wire is a piece of wire. The added utility of being able to connect it to a flash may be worth the extra dough or not. Still, if you see a similar wire for a slightly different application for half the price you may feel cheated. If tens of thousands of users want a PC connection and only a few hundred want a 'bipost' then the higher price is a result of the fixed costs being divided by fewer unit sales.

    Also, if something is just soooo esoteric (as much of our stuff is) then there is going to be only one supplier. He may not be the most efficient and may sometimes have to pay his rent with the procedes of the four sync cords he sells a month.

    A speed graphic lensboard, for example, is a simple metal stamping. It retails for $29. It is far less complicated in it's manufacture than a toaster that sells for $29 that contains several similar stampings and lots of other stuff. Yet, if the toaster manufacturer sold only 300 a year, that toaster would cost several hundred dollars or more.

    I try to make as many of my own parts as I can. In my wood shop I can work with wood, aluminum or corain to make my own lensboards. I can find many things I need made or sold for other uses and re-purpose them for my photography - like funnels and 1-liter containers from the dollar store. I can make a good focusing dark cloth for $10 or buy one ready made for $40.

    Stop griping and start shooting, OK? Yeah, life ain't fair. So???
  11. I dont know if you are familiar with it but nikon has a TTL flash extension cord sc-17. Which sells around $50 It is about 4' long and its gorgeous and worth every penny. It functions great, it looks great. If i knew that the cord i got from Paramount would be this crappy, i wouldnt have bought it in the first place.. i would make my own.. end of the story
  12. Ask a pro what the cord is worth; if it is the only one; and it fails during a high buck photo shoot or movie. <BR><BR>
  13. Re A speed graphic lensboard, for example, is a simple metal stamping. It retails for $29.

    Pricing of used stuff is even more interesting. A complete speed graphic; with grafloc back; rangefinder; infinity stops; lens board; 127mm coated Ektar in shutter; viewfinder; 2 film holders; and lens hood is often on Ebay for 200 to 250 bucks; in the buy it now deals. I bought one last month for 230; with the items listed above. Buying all the parts to build a speed graphic off of Ebay would cost one at least triple. ie the Ektar usually runs about 60 to 90 bucks; a guy has one now on for 199 BIN; so one would might as well buy an entire settup for 31 bucks extra. One gets alot more value when buying an entire lot.
  14. Deniz - Contax makes a similar cord about half the price and just as good.
  15. Didn't mean to start anything!!! "Double Bayonet" was what an old photog I learned from years ago called the bi-post setup. Paramount Cords do have what I need. Thanks for the help, y'all!
  16. There are many different sync sockets; the double-bayonet outlet; the "ASA" post; the "PC" post; the "AC line cord" type used on older electronic flashes; The "Leica M special post"

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