Suggest any interesting picture project ideas superzoom users might try

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  1. I just got a used Nikon Coolpix L105 12mp 15x zooming camera. It is less close to a pre-DSLR than some other so-called superzoom "bridge cameras," not having a manual mode and not having the super-dooper zoom range, like 18-40x, which some similar looking cameras that soon followed it had. It certainly is not pro equipment, but a great photographer could take thought-provoking evocative pictures with something far more humble and crude. And alternately, this sort of amateur camera, might be useful for sketch work as a pro develops ideas for projects.

    So, I was wondering what have others in this forum tried with "superzoom" cameras of this sort that they found interesting as experiments and as photographic thought projects of any sort? Have you discovered any interesting capabilities and limitations among them that are inspirational or instructive? Are there projects or manipulations you can suggest to the inquisitive superzoom owner?
  2. I had a small compact 10x zoom Fuji (F70 EXR), which certainly was a nice camera. I found I used it the way I use my compact cameras... convenience for quick snaps, when portability and convenience count. After it broke, I replaced with a much cheaper (and worse) Panasonic with a 4x zoom. I found I did not use the extensive zoom range a lot anyway. And now my smartphone delivers quality about equal to the Panasonic, so actually I'm using the phone more often. And in fact, I don't miss the zoom...
    As I liked the output of the Fuji, I really did try using it quite a bit, but I just prefer a larger camera with less fiddly button and a large viewfinder. So, their limitations just get in my way more than anything. This, of course, is purely personal.
    My smartphone inspires more as a photographic device, ultimately. I always have it with me, unlike the compact cameras. It really is there for those impulse shots, those weird moments. Combined with the sleezy and funky apps, panaromana options - it just puts a lot of ideas at your fingertips (literally).
    But when I think photographic projects and experiments, I will take the camera that works best for me as a camera - and that's a DSLR for me. If it is about the photos, I'm not going to intently search the limits of my gear to pull off the photos. As my DSLR and lenses are better than I am a photographer, at least I know the limits I hit are purely mine. But again, this is my personal approach and I do value your idea to specifically use a camera at the limits of its abilities to see if that can render something particular.
    But, well, the short answer to your question: no, I haven't found anything in the limitations and capabilities of compact cameras that inspires me.
  3. I have not found anything in a DSLR to inpire me to purchase another when I compare them to a good bridge camera such as my first the Nikon 5700 and subsequent Panasonic FZ 20/30/50's. Purchasing that Nikon [ and my editor] was my 'liberation' as a photographer in the digital age and it is still working though rarely used now as I use my Panasonic bridge and MFT cameras.
    Today I posted two examples of working with bridge/MFT in current threads which might be of interest.
    Both were completed in the editor without which I liken to trying to walk with one leg just as earlier I used the fume room.
  4. Photos made with the longer superzooms on flickr is often of birds, zoo animals and church towers. I have studied a lot of photos from flickr groups of many different point and shoots, including super zooms (all these cameras usually have their own flickr group).
    You can take photos of anything within reach of the given focal lengths. It is hard to think of a really special motif. I don't know if that particular camera is capable of fast af shooting. If it is not, people, animals or birds moving is probably not what you would be able to shoot with good results.

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