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  1. Does anyone know about how to go about studying photography in Cuba? I don't want to go on a photography workshop holiday, rather to live in the country for up to a year studying at one of the colleges or universities there, such as in Havana, or with a Cuban photographer. Any advice on how to go about setting this up would be great! Thanks, Eleanor
  2. You are fluent in Spanish, right? You're going to need a student visa. I don't know the present status of these things from the US side. Odds are you'll have to make a trip to a Cuban embassy to apply for the visa.
    This school, I am told, has a great rep. Photography is in the multimedia dept.
    Eric Coll teaches in Cuba, he might be able to help you out
    Here's some Blogs of Cuban Photographers in Cuba. Some may be able to point the way:
    Ernesto Bazan might be able to recommend someone.
    Hope this helps.
  3. It would be interesting to see all those 50's model vehicles and take pictures of the average Cuban citizen and get a real idea of what living in a third world communist state would be like. Hope you take some hi-cap SD cards with you.
  4. The Communist world is the 'second world'.
    Let us know how you get on!
  5. Although Wikipedia does say this: Since the 1990s, "Second World" countries situated in Central Europe are considered part of the "First World", while their Asian counterparts (and Cuba) are regarded as "Third World" countries.[citation needed]
  6. Hi, thanks for your responses, particularly Luis for going to the trouble of providing me with all the great links! I don't have any thing set up as yet but will let you know if I have any success in enrolling in a course.
  7. Northeastern University has an undergraduate program that goes to Cuba. I am going to Cuba for 11 weeks through University of Michigan. My program allows us to study in Havana, Cuba and travel to major cities on the island. The program focuses on cultural arts, ethnography, and documentary traditions. You should try to get in contact with U of M if you are interested in doing study abroad next year. Good luck!
  8. eleanor, did you manage to find something? I`m also interested in that topic. Cheers Alex

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