Stolen canon, wanna go nikon

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by jamesmichael_berlet, Aug 7, 2014.

  1. My gear, canon 30D, 70-200mm f/4 L lens, and 50mm f/1.8 lens got jacked from my truck.
    Really wanna find the guy and punch him in his face, but that's not the question.

    My wife has budgeted me $450, preferably $400 for a new rig.
    Doesn't need to be as good as an L lens, because I never used it much. But really wanna go with nikon gear.

    I mostly shoot rat rods and hotrods being still, sometimes driving or burning out in clear daylight, or clear enough, for my website . No
    night shots (so ISO performance isn't really a big issue)
    That and some soccer games for my kids, but no biggie there either, wife is usually happy with her iphone pics.

    But I know the limitations are pretty hard, would like to go used. Don't care about aesthetics of the camera or lens as long as it works.

    Thinking of nikon d200 or d2h (dream cameras haha, I'm a weirdo)
    And a decent AF lens that'll be alright up close (at shows or where space is a premium)
    And all for <$450.

    Alright. The challenge is out there! Go!!
  2. What about a used consumer camera? I'd bet that through careful eBaying you could come up with a D90, 18-105 lens
    and maybe a grip and a couple extra batteries for that money.
  3. JamesmB--$450.00 is optimistically low for what you want to do. Could you replace what you lost for 450? Yikes, Dude----you got a challenge. Check out kehoutlet for what they have. I see lots of Nikon D90s and such in your price range. Good luck! Let us know how it works out for you...
  4. Look at KEH, B&H, and Adorama, too-- at any given moment they will have a number of different candidates. Keep checking is the secret.
    Nikon has a "plastic fantastic" equivalent or two for the 50mm f/1.8, depending on the Nikon you end up getting.
  5. A modern D3X00, or even a used D90 (I have one for sale, but without kit lens) will have better specs than either of the cameras you mention.
    You can't afford good glass with that budget.
  6. i'd think about a used d300 which has much better AF than anything else near that price point. a d2h is just too primitive at this point.
  7. KEH has been the definition of reliability for decades - hard to find someone who is a dissatisfied customer of theirs these days. They ( have a Nikon D80 in EX condition for about $250 and a Nikon 18-70 lens for about $150. That meets the $400 hoped-for budget and should do just fine for what you say you'll be doing with the system. The D80 offers great color, but doesn't prosper at ISO settings above 400 (my opinion). The conditions you describe seem to play right into the D80's strengths. You could even go cheaper with a D70S body. A 6 megapixel camera (D70S) should do just fine for creating web page images, and even can make a decent 16X20 print if the image is handled carefully.
  8. Don't worry with the D2h, just not all that good. I still shoot a couple of D200's and am happy with them. On your budget you won't be finding much high end glass. $250 or so for a D200 from KEH. Look at some older MF glass and you'll find some good stuff like the 80-200/4 AI lens though you will of course have to focus yourself. Honestly I think I'd work on upping that budget to maybe $7-800. She'll just have to understand.

    Rick H.
  9. If I read your post right, you had a 70-200 f/4 and a 50 f/1.8 Canon - and no big need for the 70-200? So, basically, all you'd want is a 50 f/1.8, which also for Nikon is the cheapest lens out there. Given the budget, it would have to be the older 50 f/1.8D, which isn't the greatest but for the money it's a great performer.
    Leaves you $350 for the body - at that price, I'd look for a D90 (or possibly a pristine D80). The D200 is a generation older, and I'd try to get as new a body as possible. In terms of construction quality, these "consumer" models really aren't all that far behind.
    Having only a 50mm on a APS-C camera would drive me insane; if I misread your post and you'd also need/want something like a kitlens added, then obviously the D80 becomes more interesting to stay within budget. The 18-70 mentioned by Bob is an excellent choice; also the (newer but slower aperture) 18-105VR can be found at relatively low prices.
    But at your budget, what I'd realistically do, is get a D3100 (possibly already a D3200) with the kitlens. New with warranty.
  10. Get a D90 over a D200 or D80... MUCH better low-light performance.

    3100 with a kit lens is a great idea, too. That might be what I'd do.
  11. James,
    Right now under the Equipment and Classifieds ad on there is a D90 with a little over 7K shutter clicks for $305.00.
    Being a former D90 owner I would highly recommend one. You can pick up a 18-70 or a 18-105 pretty cheap on ebay. Camera is easy to use and takes pro quality pictures.
  12. I got my last 25 megapixel Nikon for $10.00, a 24mm lens for $25.00, and a 50mm lens for $30. Total cost: $65. It takes pictures like this last month in France. I spend less than $450 over the course of about 3 years of shooting. ;-) Film, of course.
  13. Seriously, though, why not early '80s AIs Primes? If you want pristine glass that outperforms most modern zooms, get a 24 or 28mm wide, 50mm 1.8, 100mm Series E, and whatever digital body you must. That'll be good kit, and the lenses can cost as little as $150 total if you work it right on Craigslist and such.
  14. Get a used D3100 or D3200 with the kit lens (18-70mm) or a 18-105mm. Small, light, easy to use, great image quality.
    PM me if you are interested in a like new D3100 with kit lens (less than 1800 actuations). My wife doesn't use it anymore, she prefers to use her iPhone.
  15. Get rid of the wife.
  16. D90 with a new 35/1.8 perfect combo
  17. Been talking with peter hamm about buying his d90 then just using the basic 18-55 kit lens, and hopefully that'll get me close enough to
    the cars and have a badass camera
  18. Unfortunately, mine sold this morning...
    You can find others at that price in great shape, so check KEH or even amazon.
  19. I've got a D90 I need to sell so I can afford a full frame camera. I even have a 50mm f/1.8 I could include if you'd like.

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