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  1. I am wondering what everyone thinks about the terminal manufacture of Polaroid
    Type-55 black & white film at the end of this year. I'd be interested in what
    direction others are planning as a replacement film. I heard they were stopping
    manufacturing of the film by the end of the year.


  2. Where did you hear this? I don't find anything about discontinuting Type 55 on Polaroid's
    website. When they discontinued the pack film equivalent, Type 655, they announced it on
    their website.
  3. "I heard they were stopping manufacturing of the film by the end of the year."

    This rumor pops up regularly. At some point in the future it may go from rumor to reality. In the meantime I've queried my media contacts at Polaroid to see what light they can can add.

    I've contacted three people at Polaroid and so far only one has gotten back to me. Her response was: "First I've heard of it" but added that the other two people on my contact list would be more knowledgeable.
  4. NOT TRUE!
    the truth is all peel apart films made by Polaroid are still manufactured on a offer and demand basis since the 3x4 was discontinued.

    The response From Polaroid today was the same response they gave me 4 years ago
    There is no plans for discontinuation of the T55 film. the film will continue to be manufactured for as long as there is a demand for it.

    such evaluation is made on a year-to year basis.

    T55 is the most sought emulsion they make.

    Eventually of course it will be discontinued and I have spoken to a few people about the possibility of ensuring its continuation after it is deemed non profitable for Polaroid.

    How would this be done?

    A) by ensuring a minimum annual order and having Polaroid make it if they retain such manufacture facility .

    B) by obtaining license from them

    C) someone like Fuji might also be interested in making the product since they already make instant films.

    D) a small enterprise which I have been in talks with has found that the share of the market on a limited number of emulsions offers a commercial interest that a large corporation might not be able to justify.

    I estimate the film will be made for at least 5 years .

    As I have posted many times these kinds of specialized products suffer and are placed at risk of extinction by these types of alarmist posts.

    I respectfully ask that members take the effort to contact such manufacturers directly in the future and post fact rather than
    raise doubt and concern!
  5. Sorry.
    I forgot you were seeking a specific commitement.
    the response of course was" for at least another year"
    which is the response ; the only one they can give every year.
    buying some is the best way to ensure its availability!
  6. According to a second source at Polaroid who asked that their name not be used , "Type 55 is definitely not being discontinued."

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