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  1. I am headed on a trip next month and am exploring the availability of an external storage device that downloads SD/CF cards without a computer interface. Basically, a box that I can plug the cards into directly. Does such a device exist?
    Much obliged.
  2. Semi-"yes": Gnarbox, that doesn't handle CFs directly. - Maybe read or watch (YouTube) a few reviews. To me it seems a better idea to pair a worthless old smartphone I was handed down with an external battery, SD reading USB HUB and a HDD + card reader. Less than 100 Euro/$ in total - Data transfer will be slow due to USB 2.0. OTOH: Gnarbox doesn't really look worth it. The big version holds only 256GB which would rapidly fill up if an inexperienced idiot like me tries to shoot 4K video with a Canon.
    If you produce data at a sane slow speed maybe ponder getting unspectacular cards to copy to or just enough ones to write to (with backup). When I am out happy-snapping stills, on location card copying to free them makes no real sense in my eyes with 32GB Sandisk SDs available for just 18 Euro and Micro SDs even cheaper. - Check out if smart devices you might happen to own will support USB OTG.
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  4. Whoa, those things are expensive for a comparatively small amount of storage!

    I recently bought a wireless-enabled external 1TB HDD for under £100 - about $130 US. It's capable of pairing with a smartphone for monitored file transfer, and has built-in SD and USB ports for automatic backup. It's also rechargeable and can power other USB devices.

    Although mine was a special deal from a well-known supermarket chain, I've seen similar devices from Western Digital. Maybe Seagate and other HDD companies make them as well.
  5. I used to have one of those Sanho devices. I don't use them anymore because I typically bring a laptop now wherever I go. But those Sanho drives work reasonable well. They use 2.5 inch hard drives (same hard drives used by laptops). So, what you want to do is buy a bare Sanho drive without the drive. Then just buy your own drive. It's easy enough to install. Once the HD fills up, then you can buy another HD and so on.
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