Squeaky 17-35; 24-70 instead?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by paul hart, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. I recently bought a new 17-35 for my D700. However, it had the squeak on the focussing motor that has been observed by others, so I
    returned it and a replacement was promised.

    The dealer has now told me this was their last one and it is discontinued. It can be repaired by Nikon.

    However, they have the new 24-70 available. I am tempted to switch to that.

    I appreciate that it's larger, has a different range but with some overlap, etc. I'm happy to live with a widest angle of 24mm and get the
    much wider zoom later if I really need it.

    What I'd appreciate is a pointer from users as to the image quality of the 2 lenses. The 17-35 had rave reviews, but I wasn't blown over by
    it at the
    edges wide open and there was obvious distortion at the wide end. The 24-70 seems to generate equal fanfares, but is it as good as they
    all say?
  2. Same price? Trade. Not same, ask for your money back first.
  3. 17-35mm discontinued by Nikon? I hope they are mistaken..

    I have a 17-35 mm (no squeak) and I love it for range of coverage.

    I heard that the 24-70mm at 24mm has terrible distortion...
  4. ShunCheung

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    17-35 and 24-70 are completely different zoom ranges. Do you want a wide zoom or a mid-range zoom?
    If you don't need anything wider than 24mm, I wonder why you bought the 17-35 in the first place?

    I happen to think the 17-35 has minimal distortion at 17mm and edge-to-edge sharpness is still quite good at 17mm, although today the 14-24mm/f2.8 is superior in the super wide range.
    I have heard quite a few times that the 17-35 is discontinued, but at least in the US, it is still in stock at many stores. In fact, I checked with B&H recently, and they are unaware that the 17-35 has been discontinued:

    The 24-70 is also a fine lens but has terrible vignetting at 24mm, f2.8. All of those issues have already been discussed a number of times in this forum.
  5. Vignetting and distortion are minimal and easily fixable through readily available software programs. Not sure if the D700 has the in-camera Vignetting correction option like the D3.

    Get the lens you need based on what you want to shoot.
  6. Elliot,

    The D700 does have in -camera vignette control.
  7. If you're looking for an all-around lens, see to get the 24-70. The 17-35 is nice, but how versatile can it be? Check about
    conditions and go for the 24-70 instead.
  8. My 16-85mm has the squeaky focus motor too, and after a year it's getting louder. I'm wondering if I should send it in under warranty before it's too late? Other than the noise, which really only shows up when the lens is hunting for focus, the focusing is fine. I'd be worried that after getting it back, the lens could have other problems. Has anyone heard of a focus motor failing for this reason?
  9. I was not thrilled by the corners of the 24-70, but at a range of a few meters it generally performs excellently. I would be careful though if field curvature is a problem for your applications.
  10. This choice has to be based upon how & what you shoot. 17-35 is very wide on the D700. Personally I would think the 24-70 is wide enough. But it all depends upon how you shoot.

    Personally I love my 24-70, but I use it on a D300 so my situation is different.

    Also, don't forget that the 24-70 is a far more expensive lens. I would think ordering the 17-35 would be no problem online.

    Buy the lens you will use. If the 17-35 is the lens you want to work with - - get your money back & order it online.


    Lil :)
  11. I would just have it repaired it under warranty by Nikon. Nikon typically keeps older lenses around in the lineup for a while after new ones
    have come out, waiting for stock to be depleted until taking it off their website.

    If you don't have another standard-range f/2.8 zoom, the 24-70 is a lens worth consideration. It is excellent at wide apertures
    and mid distances but not at its best at small apertures (i.e. f/8) or long distances (near infinity); it'll "do" the latter job but not
    spectacularly well. For people photography at wide apertures, or general travel photography, I find the 24-70 to be a great lens. For
    architectural or landscape photography, I usually use primes to get perspective correction, but also for the corner performance. To be
    honest, if you just understand the characteristics and (few) pitfalls of the 24-70, it'll do also for the fussiest applications. Once of its nice
    characteristics is that it's virtually impossible to get it to ghost.

    I am not a user of the 17-35 so I am not able to comment on how it compares optically. I would just decide based on the focal length range
    that you need most. Personally I think these big superwide angles are just not my thing.
  12. The 17-35mm 2.8 has NOT been discontinued. Ask your dealer why he is trying to mislead you. To push off a bum lens???
  13. Paul,

    I recently 'shop tested' the 24-70mm Nikkor - it appears to be everything it's cranked up to be (from my limited opportunity to test it inside plus a few outdoor shots_ - BUT it's a huge piece of glass. I opted for a mint copy of the older 35-70mm lens as I already had the 17-35mm lens to fill the wider focal range.

    The grey market lens seller (in Aust) I purchase most of my gear from plus two other major Nikkor retailers in Australia have said to me that the 17-35mm lens was quote "Discontinued" and that they were unable to even place an order with a deposit for a 17-35mm lens as supply has been quote "Discontinued". I mentioned this before in a previous P.net thread - I don't want to spread or feed any false rumours but if I were you I'd fight hard to get a good copy of the 17-35mm lens whilst you can ........
  14. at


    my 17-35mm sqeeks too. must be a 17-35 thing, no other afs lens I have squeeks. It doesnt affect a thing, they will
    squeek for years...and probably forever and never affect optical performance. I've heard the more you use it the
    quieter it gets. i have no intention of sending mine to nikon and its 4+ years old.
  15. BUT it's a huge piece of glass
    This is very true. It would be nice if Nikon would make f/4 constant versions of their 24-70 and 70-200 lenses, keeping the optical quality or improving on it.
    I am thinking about getting the 45/2.8 P to be used as a minimal intimidation lens.
  16. I brought the 17-35 last month and I love it ( No Squeeks ) . I checked a couple of stores and they have it in stock and also checked Nikon USA and they still list the lens as available. I'd go back and tell them you want a replacement or your money back.
  17. Thank you all for your help, which was much appreciated.

    I have made my decision and now have a new lens, but not a 17-35...
  18. Squeaky focus motor? Noticed same with a new 70-200 until I realized setting it in the bag on-camera pointing down had moved the focus selection switch on front of camera at lower left of barrel from single to continuous. The noise was the focus constantly trying to readjust as I moved the camera. Since I have focus and metering at the center spot, I usually meter and focus on the subject,adjust exposure zone, then recompose. That's when the "squeaking" took place. It was just continuously hunting for focus. Switching to single servo eliminated the problem. No squeak during focus now.
  19. Hi Paul,

    I have just ordered a new 17-35mm. I was going to get a second hand one but it's brutal out there in Ebay land so I just swallowed hard and bought a new one. On Ebay the market prices for these lenses are fluctuating and seem to be increasing. I was about to buy one and the dealer increased it by £50.00 overnight and another one has follwed suit with a £7000 increase.

    Over here in the UK not on the 'major' players seem to be selling them new as proved by the fact Amazon is going via Mrket Place to see them. I feel the lens is being discontinued and if I were you I'd go in search of one before they disappear as the 14-24 2.8 though sharper is less versatile and cannot take filters.

  20. ShunCheung

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    Here in the US, the 17-35mm/f2.8 is in stock all over the place, including B&H, Adorama, Beach Camera, etc.:

    There has been rumors since about a year ago that this lens is discontinued, in favor of the 14-24mm/f2.8. I have both lenses, but given the 14-24 is such a specialized and limited lens, it would be a major mistake if Nikon discontinues the 17-35 without any replacement, but they can certain replace it with a new version with nano coating to reduce flare.

    I am trying to check with Nikon USA on any official words about this lens as well as the SB-800 flash.

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