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  1. I need small pouches to hold accessories. Pouches I can fasten to.cameras, etc. Soft leather preferred.
  2. I don't like to attach anything to a camera that isn't rigidly mounted. They get in the way. However I am a big fan of fanny packs to hold extra lenses and stuff without weighing me down. I have a couple of Really Right Stuff (RRS) pouches which will hold 3-4 prime lenses, or an extra zoom, when walking more than 100 yards from the car. RRS is a good place to look for gear designed and used by photographers.
  3. The links I posted were to a few products from OP/TECH USA, whose pouches I've found very useful over the years. I was just looking at the Really Right Stuff website, and I found it an interesting coincidence that they are also selling RRS-branded OP/TECH USA pouches. It seems Really Right Stuff also has faith in OP/TECH USA.

    I've no affiliation with them, but I would recommend checking them out - they've got some very useful stuff in a wide choice of sizes.

    OP/TECH USA | Comfortable neoprene camera straps and slings | OP/TECH USA
  4. While I'm at it, I may as well mention Zing Designs too. It's more neoprene lens cases that they have, but I've also been very pleased with them over the years.

  5. I just use slider zip-lock style plastic bags, and stuff them in my pockets or in the on-the-go small camera sling/bag I carry.

    I don't find things hanging off the camera or straps to be convenient. They are just in the way, for me.
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    Believe it or not, Walmart.
  7. You can also buy pouches on-line
    Chinese ammo belt s copy.JPG
  8. I got a couple of freebie neoprene pouches with an eBay purchase a few years ago.

    The items I paid for hardly cost more than what I'd have paid for the pouches alone.

    I'm pretty sure that if you can't find what you want online, and at a price you're more than willing to pay; then it doesn't exist.

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