Sony/Minolta pictures of the week | 21 February 2021

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  1. Back to Peru in 2012

    On the road to the Colca Canyon




    All NEX-3 and E 18-55 zoom
  2. Port Credit wildlife.-2678.jpg

    Port Credit wildlife.-2682.jpg
    Port Credit wildlife.-2879.jpg
    Port Credit wildlife.
  3. Shot this today just above Malibu. A7RIII with a 70-200mm lens. You can viw this large at 4000 pixels wide. The original image is over 11,000 pixels wide, had to reduce it in size for the internet. lol. But seeing how much of the country is tired of winter, I wanted to share some "virtual California" at the beach, shot today. Was wearing shorts and a Tee-shirt. Slap on some sun-screen before viewing.
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  4. Here is one looking South from above Malibu. If you view full size you can see Santa Monica and Los Angeles on the horizon, and this is only the 4000 pixel version. You should see the 11,500 pixel version for pixel peeping. lol. I need a bigger monitor. :)[​IMG]

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